Moiraine meets Roxxy and the show goes on

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  1. Asaforg
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    I feel so bad for poor Varg! Great set Heike.
  2. wadelycan
    • premium
    • 4,841 posts
    • 70 kudos
    More exciting adventures on Death Mountain? I guess the fun never ends

    Nice to see so many creations in this set. I spent a little too much time in the menu of DE store before
  3. sonny1892
    • supporter
    • 2,443 posts
    • 78 kudos
    sehr schöne bilder und Story...da kommt wohl ein großes Abenteuer auf die beiden zu
  4. peterpet
    • account closed
    • 509 posts
    • 9 kudos
    It's a beautiful set dear Heike, beautiful scenes and the characters are looking great! The girls are very pretty
  5. ista3
    • premium
    • 45,402 posts
    • 909 kudos
    Great looking captures Heike and an exciting time ahead with a new adventure I almost forgot that I have Roxxy keeping Balgruuf entertained
  6. taepal77
    • member
    • 6,426 posts
    • 89 kudos
    good story.
  7. rth119
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  8. PTC001
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    • 5,160 posts
    • 95 kudos
    Varg has no armour, he could learn few magic tricks and be perfect for the mission ... Poor guy, he wants to join the fun

    ...and Lan knows his priorities, a good meal first, then some action

    Beautiful captures and enjoyable, Moiraine is always a wonderful character of yours

    I will probably resume the modding by the end of November, I will be off-duty until the end of January, I hope two months will help to get her to beta...

    Cheers Heike, have fun!!

  9. karoshi81
    • premium
    • 3,192 posts
    • 72 kudos
    Tolle Story Heike
    Varg hüpft aber auch dauernd zwischen dem gucky-universum und deinem rum^^ merk ich grad
  10. Farvat
    • premium
    • 9,061 posts
    • 286 kudos
    A very nice introduction to the next adventure to Death mountain. I really like also the colors, the expression and the cut of the scenes. Well done.