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  1. Anevara
    • member
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    Hi there, just wanted to ask what hair replacer you're using? ^^"
    1. JRICH604
      • supporter
      • 592 posts
      • 54 kudos
    2. Vattende
      • supporter
      • 375 posts
      • 6 kudos
      Unfortunately Superior Lore-Friendly Hair isn't still ported to Skyrim SE yet. Loved it much in oldrim.
      There is an other mod, but not same.
    3. JRICH604
      • supporter
      • 592 posts
      • 54 kudos
      Vattende, Superior Lore-Friendly Hair is an alternate diffuse and normal for hair which does not need any conversion to work for SE. Most mods from legacy which are limited to replacing texture(s) that have no plugin or meshes etc that need converting may be used safely as is in SE. There are only a few specific texture formats that do not work but they are the exception and have been well documented by now so you can always check if you are unsure. So there is no need to wait for a port that most likely would be the exact same files simply hosted on the SE mod page