Of course, after getting my LE edition of Skyrim looking and feeling as beautiful as possible, the SKSE64 alpha edition is released out of the blue. Don't get me wrong, I am PUMPED, and very thankful to the team- but this leaves me with a bit of an issue. Do I:

1: Continue playing Skyrim LE. Skyrim SE will probably eventually have RaceMenu and stuff, but if that's another year from now, it doesn't really effect my decision right now.

2: "Return" to Skyrim SE. I still have all my old saves and poke around in it from time to time, so it's not like I have to reinstall. Since returning to LE, however, I can't help but notice this weird blurry haze in the SE that refuses to go away. I think it was Beth's way of "remastering" the meshes- blur them until you can't see anything. :P I've also never been satisfied with Madeleine's face, and, for me, dress up and character creation is half the fun in Bethesda games. Still, I miss not crashing every hour or so. And when it's not so damn foggy outside, some things do look better.

3. Abandon Skyrim for now and go play something else. Probably Oblivion. I think I've been trying to decide between LE and SE for a good week, and it's killing my soul.


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