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The objective was to make Skyrim as clear and crisp as possible at all distances while still being playable with a beefy rig.
graphical mods:
weather and imagespaces:
COT + COT weather patch + supreme storms + minty's lightning
Local tweaks to imagespaces (mostly removing blur), weathers (fog, sun, and sky gradient tweaks, removing lightning from many weathers, adjusting weather frequency so it rarely storms) and the heavy rain/snow effects
project ENB, realistic
modified it to enb .254, many local tweaks

safety load for ILS bug
cell stabilizer for some other bug
the SKSE memory allocation change
ugrids 9
iGrassCellRadius 3
Skyrim Mod Combiner (used to be Texture Pack Combiner)
This has evolved much since I used it.  In the past, you had to be careful about which mods you chose to combine as some clashed with others.
Anyway, I really like this concept - a tool that allows you to combine hundreds of mods and be reasonably sure it looks decent in the end.
SMIM - don't forget to go back and get the ELFX SMIM patch to prevent flickering on some objects
SFO - used version 189 (it's up to 2.0 now, but I didn't try the latest yet)
I replaced some of the textures in the way that the texture pack combiner mod describes
enhanced blood textures
Daedric Armor and weapon Improvement
skyfalls and skymills
Tamriel reloaded - grass and roads only
I tweaked the road meshes that came with it because they had some errors that caused some road flickering in game
I used the SFO tundra grass (lighter) because I liked it more.
Shrank tundra grass mesh a bit
amidianborn book of silence
better shaped weapons
skyrim distance overhaul
Skyrim Distant Detail

realistic Water two - included enb parallax textures
water color
tweaked underwater colors to match water appearance from above (namely, bluish and not as brownish)

I made a lot of parallax tweaks - some parallax textures didn't match the diffuse ones after the above.  Also, I added parallax to the rocks and mountains manually (a lot of work after ELFX splits the meshes)