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  1. jessb81
    • supporter
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    Really highlights the cold, serene but deadly beauty of Skyrim in this set.
  2. DiscipleOfCarnage
    • supporter
    • 3,571 posts
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    Excellent little story and idea, can't wait to see more of it!
    1. pangallosr
      • member
      • 2,327 posts
      • 51 kudos
      In time my friend....... Rome was not built in a day.
      Glad you like the idea
  3. AmadanBezerk
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    I love remote, hard-to-get-to fortresses and redoubts like this amazing "Real Estate" idea!
    Every living and loving guy worth his salt would LOVE to build a nice Castle for his beautiful lady-love....IF only he could damned-well afford it like Stragon can....^^

    Come honest....lovelorn Stragon is hopelessly head-over-heels for sweeeeeet Ambrosia, (who could possibly blame him?^^) and thus, he'll actually be building this "monument" for HER!

    May I humbly make a few minor architectural suggestions? :

    (1) Inside the mountain, a nice, lush, underground "Alchemist's Paradise" cavern containing the following:
    -- bountiful, vibrant flora everywhere, both edible and alchemical, divided by some narrow walk-paths,
    -- a few beehives, and Willow's "101 bugs", ^^
    -- a steaming, hotspring-fed waterfall plunging into a small underground creek, flowing into a natural pond with submerged, natural stone benches for sitting and soaking,
    --perhaps a few stepped terraces for providing more growing-spaces....if needed,
    -- hovering magelights for providing photosynthesis in this sun-less environment,
    --a simple little alchemy lab, off to one side or end of the cavern and out of the way.

    (All of the above was inspired by the beautiful Eldergleam Sanctuary, and THESE):

    (2) secret, narrow passageways connecting the following:
    -- the Master Suite, (with a huge, classical, "California-king" sized canopy-bed for Ambrosia....AND Stragon)^^
    --the aforementioned "Paradise Cavern",
    --the kitchen,
    --and maybe a few other "strategic" areas you might be thinking of,
    -- an exterior, secret entrance/exit at a strategic, hidden lookout near the entrance to the pass, (with good ambush potential) perhaps well-hidden behind a sliding rock-door,
    All of the above with the following:
    -- well-hidden and/or cleverly disguised doors and hatches with secret, cunningly-concealed open/close switches.

    (3) Inside the walls, a small, hardy, high-altitude farm for minimizing expen$ive and frequent $upply-runs into town, with the following:
    -- some very tough and hardy, cold-tolerant crops and grain-fields,
    -- a livery stable with a few cows, a herd of goats, some rabbits, etc...
    -- a coop with several chickens and eggs,
    -- ALL of the above respawning, say, after 2 days, if possible.

    (4) a draw-bridge to keep unwelcome interlopers, especially the filthy Thalmor (spits violently) AWAY!

    I just ran out of ideas now , hope this doesn't seem like I'm rambling on, no doubt you probably have a few in mind for making this Castle quite grand for both Stragon AND his gorgeous love-interest, Ambrosia.

    Swiftly endorsed. Kind thanks and cheers, Steven!

    1. pangallosr
      • member
      • 2,327 posts
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      good lord Amadan..... but these things you speak of... well as Stragon's master, I'm not quite up to that challenge. But most of those things will be provided.
      You seem to know Stragon and his heart quite well..... it is a project for his continuing background that he began this undertaking before finally pairing with the girl that haunted his mind for so many years.

      Thank You very much for all the ideas... and if you've got a chance, here is the castle
  4. Heaventhere
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    Wow beautiful shots ....... like stunning the ones of the valley and sky......... you know how much I love your skies love.......... the one shot of the castle as it shimmers in the light very cool........... so he will build a castle........... interesting ....... can not wait to see this as it progresses........
    1. pangallosr
      • member
      • 2,327 posts
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      oh I wouldn't say beautiful..... just somewhat realistic.
      Thanks for sharing in the dream Darling.
  5. AurianaValoria1
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    Very cool!
    1. frank213
      • premium
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      I agree with you
    2. pangallosr
      • member
      • 2,327 posts
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      ahhh...... so happy to see that my Dragon Lady still is around. And she likes the shot...... Thank You Very Much...... does mean a lot to me.
    3. pangallosr
      • member
      • 2,327 posts
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      And my friend Frank who has been with me since my beginning shots...... giving me little hints to make them better...... Your approval is most appreciated my friend
  6. aok
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    Awesome!!! Can't wait to see more!!!
    1. pangallosr
      • member
      • 2,327 posts
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      Glad you think this is Awsome aok. There is more, just have to let it drag out some.... Can't go just having it built in a day.
      Thanks my friend