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Aeon has been my persona in the TES universe since Morrowind. I have a massive back story written for her detailing how she go from game to game. (she has been alive through all three games).

I was going to copy paste it over from the journal in Skyrim (take notes mod) but I cant seem to get it to copy which doesn't surprise me... SO

Here's the gist of it:

Prior to TESIII: Morrowind
-Aeon was born and grew up in Mournhold, the capital city of Morrowind Province
-Her mother was a prostitute and was murdered by a client when Aeon was still very young
-Aeon grew up poor and on the streets of the city, stealing most of what she needed.
-It was here she felt the thrill of thievery for the first time.
-At any rate when she was in her early adult years she was caught pilfering the vaults in the temple.
-she was arrested and hauled away to rot in the Imperial city in Cyrodil

-As the games story tells, Aeon was taken from the Imperial Citys Prison, to Morrowind.
-It was there she defeated Dagoth ur and first got a taste for Adventure, Politics and Blood.
-after the events that lead to her defeating Dagoth, she settled down in Pelagaid for a short time.

Prior to TESIV: Oblivion
-Having grown bored over the several years since her escapades in Morrowind, Aeon headed to Cyrodill to find some new excitement.
- new pokets to pick, new contracts to kill ect ect.
-however her luck didn't last long and befor she knew it she was back in the Imperial city's prison, for attempting to extort a group of priests.

-as TESIV: Oblivion tells it she was freed because the Emporer was trying to excape the city through the dungeons and the exit happened to be in her cell.
-this lead to the Emporers death and his request that Aeon find a new heir.
-after she had defeated Mehrunes Dagon and The Mythic Dawn with the help of Uriel's bastard son Martin she settled down in Bravil near the border of skyrim. She lived there for a very long time however she did do some traveling to the other provinces during this time.

Prior to TESV: Skyrim
-Aeon had lived peacfully in Bravil for a very long time, but it couldn't last.
-Aeon had made many enemies during her many exploits and one of the worst groups was The Camonna Tong.
-It had taken them years but they had not forgotten about her. Aeon had made quite an impression when she murdered Orvas Dren, their leader back in Morrowind.
-She luckily found out just in time and was able to flee Bravil before they arrived.
-However she hadn't packed anything and a wicked blizzard was blowing that night.
-She ran until she thought she would collapse, blinded by the snow and wind.
-at last she glimpsed what seemed to be the light of a torch burning.
-she cried out, but a moment after the cry left her lips she collapsed in the snow, unconscious.

-Aeon awaoke with her hands bound, in a carriage with three men. She soon learned their names, Ulfric Stormcloak, Bralof of Riverwood and Lokir of Rorikstead.
-Aparently she had run across the border into skyrim.
-And it's in skyrim that her adventures continue to this very day.

UNP Female Body
Aradia Kato Outfit
POTW Outfit
Apachi Skyhair
Ethereal Elven Overhaul
various others but those are the important ones

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