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I made this quick image to demonstrate the amusing routine I've fallen into with Skyrim. I never expected it to get this many views and endorsements, thank you!

* I am aware that the word "different" is spelled wrong, I mistyped it because the image was done quickly, and by the time I noticed it it was too late to remove and re-upload (since the Nexus won't allow image editing). Either way it's not about that, no need to be a Douchey McNitpick and point it out every time. =P

* For the record, I was planning to make the green part smaller (honest!) but wasn't sure people would relate (oh the irony...).


  1. Rethrain
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    Yes, it's been like that since the game came out many years ago...and don't call me Shirley.

    A lot more than trying new mods, however, is the amount of time you are running maintenance on your installation and making sure you have uninterrupted play for hours, to somehow gauge it.
    1. 12Champs
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      Same, it's been a long time since I've played, now I'm testing.
  2. thenewgame
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  3. noxueaglemail
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    Unedited version

    1. Hythix1990
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      Nailed it
  4. pakes2
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    I was married to a women when skyrim came out. She spent all of my money on Junk and when that money was gone she racked up credit card debt. I had no money for a PS3 or a descent pc rig. I've been divorced for 4 years and have since been able to get a descent rig at a rummage sale. I first played Skyrim in October of 2019. It is now Sep 2020. I'm still on my first play through as I'm going crazy installing/searching for mods. I have completed 99% of all vanilla quests.I have kept busy with Legacy of the dragon born, become High King of skyrim, Notice board, become skooma king, falskaar, and Wulftars Lodge in solitude. I know I have so much more to experience with mods. I spend every break at work looking through 1000s of mods. I currently have over 300 mods I'm tracking with plans to experience them. Someday I hope to have a better rig so I can start working on graphics mods for a more beautiful experience. I love Nexus and all the hard work everyone has put into this game to make it great
    1. SteveB88
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      I feel your pain brother, I've just come out of a similar situation myself. After clearing my debts from my divorce I recently bought an ROG Zephyrus, my first ever gaming machine. Hang in there, your time will come.
  5. mstfykvn
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    Same as mine bro, the situation could only be explained so well LOL
  6. chast1
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    yep! spot on, can i endorse this? lol. Endorsed.
  7. Thip22
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    You're not alone brother.
  8. Asmodina
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    Okay, this is a running gag, I like it :3

    I've spent 2,582 hours in Skyrim and 930 hours in the Creation Kit right now, my goodness I need help :-P

    1. vojtcek
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      ew, creation kit ??д??
  9. CryptsOfTheDead
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    As many have said... this is very accurate.
  10. juicySUCC
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    extremely inaccurate; the green part should be a quarter the size, at most