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Images of a mod I've decided to just prepare for release. Clipping is everywhere in Skyrim. My armor just is worth putting up with it, as I've learned playing the game with it in.

As soon as I have the female nord plate textures done, I'll be about ready to release this. Several outstanding and niggling little errors that kept me from releasing this are now out of the way.
I'm also making it my goal to do more pieces as I can. I have most steel pieces, as well as the nordic plate. I haven't yet done shields or the iron pieces. I haven't done the plain steel helmet either but it'll be simple.

All armors will be available in Steel, Bronze (or high corundum steel), Iron, and a darker Steel variant I may make require charcoal or perhaps dwarven oil.

Please excuse my crappy screens too, I'll put some better ones up later today. The last one however is alright, as it shows my favorite part of the mod: the radiance of polished metal.


  1. ClericofMeridia
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    I like the scale on the right. Well done.
  2. Insomniacway
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    that looks outstanding. especially the far right
  3. Heaventhere
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    Great looking armors, really like the first one