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I'll throw a quick guide for everyone how to make things, for example, left handed rings in first person.
Why just a guide? Because there is around hundread mods that change:
a. Racial stuff
b. Visual stuff related to races
c. Add new races
f. Edit existing races in any way
e. Hurrrdurrr
any of the mods above would overwrite these changes, or these changes would overwrite the said racial editing mod. So you want to edit it directly.

Okay, let's start the tutorial.
You need Creation Kit. Easy. Just couple of Mb download and you can get it as you already have Skyrim in Steam, right? If not, feel free to say it.

Now, open the Creation Kit!
The hardest part, deciding which mod to edit.
I suggest you edit the race-editing mod itself.
In my case, I click "skyrim redone - Racials.esp" and make it my active file and click OK.

I wait painfully long 'til CK loads.

Now, click the "Character" tab
Click on the "Race" tab
Now we have to do only ONE little thing.
With every PLAYABLE race.

now, systematically open races in order and do this change:

Click on "Body data" tab
Under "First person", highlight 60, OR THE SLOT YOU WANT TO MAKE VISIBLE IN FIRST PERSON.

Click OK, and do to every playable race
After you're done, just save.

It will save these changes over the .esp you are editing, if you feel suspicious about your editing skills I suggest you backup your .esp just in case everything goes haywire.
I'll upload soon couple of pictures explaining some details 'bout the process.
I am not able to upload pictures to threads for some reason..

Feel free to abuse these changes on your mods, even if it's not quite useful. (because of the said "overwriting issue"

Text copied and slightly edited on my reply at the "Left handed Rings" mod thread.


  1. Wookie314
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    I have this problem with a mod and I have no clue how to use the CK or TES5Edit...
  2. TheDalbak18
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    You sir just saved my nerves. Solution was so simple! Divines bless you!
  3. metatype0ne
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    • 108 posts
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    Creation Kit is garbage. You can do this in seconds with Tes5edit via scripts or manual.
    1. TeRRoR20
      • supporter
      • 131 posts
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      Can you tell me how ?
    2. SirDibble2
      • supporter
      • 122 posts
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      Sorry it's a bit late, but you go to race, and then there's a section under BOD2 that says first person flags... it's pretty obvious once you know what you're looking for. Just click it twice (slowly, or it just brings up a text viewing window) and it opens a drop down menu that you can check the boxes you want visible.
    • supporter
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    Can someone make a video please?
  5. OneProblem
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    I did as you say and it works all right, but the left hand ring clips through bracers and gauntlets ( right ring equipped too, but works correctly). Can you give me some tip how to fix that?
    1. Sniperz38
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      Hi bro! I had the exact same problem, I found out how to fix this :

      With the creation kit, do the exact same launching procedure as the one described in the tutorial. Then, select "Armors" under "Items". In the filter type "Elven" (or the other piece of armor that cause you trouble, but let's take the Elven Gauntlets as an example), open the "ArmorElevenGauntlets" on the right. Open the "ElvenGlovesAA" Models (bottom middle). Then highlight the slot 60 under "Biped Object". Then click on OK and OK again and save. And voilà! Hope it will help you or someone else who had the same issue!
    2. BenNJere
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      • 6 posts
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      I've got a bunch of armor mods installed and I was wondering is there was a way to do this without going into each gauntlet and bracer model one by one because there are several hundred of them?
    3. vaunalys
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      I would suggest making a copy of the ring object and using the copy to adjust the size of the ring object so that it does not clip through the gauntlet and then adding that new copy to the leveled lists or something so that you have access to the new item created. Make sure to rename the copy so that you know it is the gauntlet style ring.
    4. Wayne8991
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      how do i copy the object? (in my case i think its in the wrong spot for no clipping issues)
  6. cambronne328
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    I have a problem with the creation Kit, i load the mod "LeftHandRings" with skyrim.esm update.esm and dawnguard.esm and i select " activate file ".
    Then, i highlight 60 in " body data" and i do that to every playable race, i save and i lauch the game (and the .esp is " checked " but i can't see the ring on my left hand. in the game.
    Can you help me please ?
    1. vaunalys
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      try editing what ever mods you have that edit the character and making the same changes. Shadowjin gives one file example above.
  7. dbuzzyb
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    • 932 posts
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    Thank you so much you have made me a very happy chappy - I can now see my Modified Left Hand Ring in all its beauty.
  8. BenNJere
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    whenever I try to load the 'left hand rings mod' by dugglez file, I get a file localization error message and after I click yes, creation kit just stops responding. Is this normal??
  9. Ryuuichi009
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    • 710 posts
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    I'm confused. I'm supposed to edit a race changing mod. Like textures? Because that's what I have. I didn't add any races.

    Or should I use better vampires or something? *confused* =/
  10. orphanblack
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    • 11 posts
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    My left hand weapons/shields/etc are invisible on my Custom Race. Is there any way for me to make this visible again? Even in 3rd person, my weapons are invisible. Please help, thanks.

    *Edit: Nvm. I got it. I just changed Shield Biped Object: SHIELD and Body Biped Object: BODY. And the weapons appeared. lol

    A HUGE thanks for the tutorial. Helped me get my left hand ring on my custom races