A little mod im working on which aims to completely change skyrim's environment into a tropical, desert climate.

For those who have been asking, yes this will replace skyrims landscape rather than create any new lands. The reason i have chosen to take this approach is to save time. At the present, I don't have the time to create an entire new land filled with quests, npc's, monsters, items, dungeons, cities, etc.
So by replacing assets already in the game i can focus purely on the environment and the "aesthetics" of the mod, rather than work on quests/npc's/towns as they are already there. :)
I will also try to make the installation process as simple as possible so players can easily toggle this mod on and off.

If you have any questions about this mod, feel free to PM me.

Any comments you have would also be appreciated :)

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Uploaded by Soolie at 5:11, 28 Dec 2012


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