Went to Dawnstar and saved it from nightmares, met this bar server named Karita. She tells me she is only there to help out her father since her mother died, and seems to want a life of adventure. So I offer her the chance to come along with me (I have a mod that allows me to annex any non-essential NPC as a potential follower).
So Karita agrees and I hook her up with some elven plate and a big old magical ebony war axe that does all sorts of legendary damage. She was sporting a knife so the fact that she equipped that out of all the weapons I gave her was surprising (they were all about the same damage grade too).
So in my game for the time being I have her following along she has the most expressive poses and face. Plus her voice is pleasant, and she can sing to me. I have to have her leave me momentarily as a follower to request a song - but I can re-add her as soon as she's done singing. All and all she's one of my favorite followers. I made her essential so I don't have to worry about her dying on me, I'd like to eventually return her to the Windpeak Inn in good health with bunch of experience under her wings and new stories to sing about!
"I tell you, I tell you the DRAGONBORN comes!" - Karita

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