I think I hit the SS key on accident. Yay.

Rei is based on the Oriental Beauty/Ashen Race and visible mods are; Insanity\'s Celtic Katanas, Jaysus Swords, Apachii hair, Extended Color Sliders, UNP/UNPB no BBP High Quality Eyes, 5-6 Xenius\' mods (char edit, scars, brows, more?), Ran\'s face mesh, Femfeet, Maori Tattoo and Tanlines v2, Samurai Blades Dragon Kimono, Persian Weapon Pack archery equipment, SMIM, Flora Overhaul, W.A.T.E.R., Climates of Tamriel, and ProjectENB v1.3. AttT, Ihud (HUD totally off Got aim?) My own Skeleton, I\'m missing some I\"m sure, sorry.

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