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  1. m0ckin9bird
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    Lol jay! silke like modeling too much that she has to be on the back of every shot Silke bad girl!
    leave the guy some protagonism!

    i think the eyebrows are like too defined for a man (?) but maybe less curvy will do? and what a about a lil more squared jaw? i´m a brad pitt fan sorrey
  2. Nataly1q2w3e4r5t
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    I like them, very cool looking character and nice hairstyles too.
  3. zzjay
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    none of these will stay here for long,they're just experimental followers,to test how works with vampires... and the test worked,so vampire followers with vampire powers are possible even using ugly normals
  4. trustinall
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    omg jay i have to level with you, ur confusin me a little here first, who's that guy in the photo? second, is that always the same follower? if so i likes him best with the first hairdo, like the eyebrows there too, and he looks super hot from the front, but his profile... not lovin it yet :O
  5. lsinsocal
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    They look really good, zzjay. Very nice for a cleaner looking male character. Nice work
  6. Rose85
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    I like them