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just wanted to upload a picture of the project im doing
wanted to see what you all think of this one


basically when i went in the soul cairn i expected hordes of undead and powerful foes, and sure, i got the hordes of infinite seeming enemies,
but challenging bosses? mhe,
finding the reaper's soul gem parts was challenging,
his boss battle? uninteresting and not very rewarding

so i decided to change that,
i re created the reaper, given him a lot of new abilities that will blow people's minds + a background story (all that i will not spoil yet until its up for download)
and still given him the ability to summon his vanilla version as a 'aspect of the reaper"

note, of course this mod will require the DLC to play, but it will be worth it
the boss battle will be harder, (and to give a slight preview, i advise magic resistance armor, lots of it! or you will die in seconds! the reaper will do anything to suck out your soul)
but the rewards you will get for beating him will compensate a lot for the hard battle!


well to all who are waiting for this, i will have to delay it a wile,
after some testing i noticed the spawn activator stoped working,
now that i figured out how to make a new working one i decided to just build a entire new room to the crypt alltogether, just for a better boss area, + a cool way for the boss to emerge to keep myself to the story i shaped with it (and it just makes it a lot more epic and gives a more boss like feeling + more rewarding feeling when wining)

but the mod will of course take a lot longer to finish, course it will also be my first time navmeshing i cant say how long it will take
but it will be worth the wait thats for sure

added up to now

-powerfull weapons with unique enchantments
-new bosses
-larger Reaper tomb, fully navmeshed and optimized
-new use for the reaper soul gem fragments
-New summons
-epic final boss

still under construction

it started of as a simple boss replacer + summon
i ended up making a entire overhaul of the reaper tomb

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Uploaded by jefthereaper at 0:27, 6 Aug 2012


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