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    On TNBT

    Ladies and gentledudes, welcome to an official introduction to my current WIP.

    "Official" facebook page:
    -> Follow for in-depth spoilers

    Perkus Maximus, aka "TNBT", aka "TNMT" (thanks Enai) is the successor to SkyRe. Not to the current SkyRe, but to the original "SkyRe".


    History time.

    As the old ones among you know, Skyrim Redone started off as "T3nd0's Perk Overhaul", a mod focused on... well perks, and I started off as an ambitious beginner modder. No skill, but tons of ideas.

    That's not necessarily a good combination of traits, and thus I ended up doing too much, with varying degrees of quality - races (not too shabby I guess), standng stones (meh), lightning(!)(well, there's no lightning stuff in SkyRe anymore... guess why), and so on. All in one monolithic file.

    With a sort of great collapse and DLC, modularity breached into the lands of SkyRe, and created the "Skyrim Redone" known today. Has s few dents and a little duct tape in a few places, but works overall and is well recieved.

    SkyRe is finished. Now, I shall talk about why I decided to do another big mod that will not work with (read: cannibalize) SkyRe.


    Obvious truth: Modders gonna mod. Once you smell blood, you can't just stop.

    While Skyrim modding blood tastes delicious, I feel like I've reached a dead end with SkyRe. It's not only huge, but also old. When I started working on it, I was a beginner with zero experience in modding Bethesda games. Unfortunately that shows, and there are quite a few things I'd do differently with the experience I have now. Since some of those things require a very different approach and would force me to rework the very foundation of SkyRe, I decided a new mod is a fresh and better choice.


    So, what's different between SkyRe and Perkus Maximus?

    I'll keep the more specific information for later (facebook spam), but here are a few basics:

    Quick summary: PerMa is a more focused, streamlined, structurally superior SkyRe-Main/Combat done by someone who actually knows what he's doing, at least to some extent, and who has all the experience of creating and maintaining SkyRe.

    SkyRe didn't like passive boost perks ("20% moar armor durr") much, but still relied on them as perk sinks. Remember how some perks had 10 ranks at some point? Outrageous! :O
    PerMa (woah, sounds catchy) likes that stuff even less. The highest perk rank is 3; a lot of perks only carry a single rank, and quite a few get additional effects with higher ranks - instead of simple magnitude boosts.

    SkyRe has a sh*tton more perks than vanilla.
    PerMa has less possible perks to invest in than SkyRe, but still a hell lot more than vanilla. Perk effects are streamlined; each perk counts for more. The boring stuff (critical damage scaling, regular damage scaling etc.) is mostly tied to skill levels, not perks.

    SkyRe was generally more complex than vanilla Skyrim.
    PerMa ist just as, if not more, complex, and has more unique ideas built in than SkyRe.

    SkyRe is focused on gameplay.
    PerMa is focused on gameplay as well, but quite a bit stronger in the roleplaying department. And I included more love for detail, such as custom textures and spell graphics when appropriate.

    SkyRe is designed with a skill level of 150 in mind, and with additional perk points to spend, compared to vanilla Skyrim. Weak start, development feels fast, still takes a while to become strong.
    PerMa is built around skill level 100 (no uncapper required) and vanilla perk rate. Only very specific perks require skill level 100 though.

    SkyRe covers perks, combat, standing stones, racial abilities, encounter zones, enemy scaling, AI, and all the small and large things related to those topics.
    PerMa covers perks and combat.

    SkyRe has a module for everything mentioned above, with the perk module being a monster of a mod by itself.
    PerMa has three "functional" modules; each covers a group of perk trees and the stuff related to that group of trees. The whole architecture is more sophisticated and radically different from SkyRe.

    SkyRe uses a patcher to ensure compatibility with certain groups of mods.
    PerMa uses a patcher as well, though the PerMa patcher (I called it "Patchus Maximus") is more stable, powerful, and configurable. PaMa (so much catchy, AGAIN!) is more vital for PerMa than the ReProccer is for SkyRe.



    Q: When will it be done? What can I do to help you?

    A: Overall, I'd say progress is at 50%. If you want to help... well, the thing that's most difficult to preserve is motivation. Follow Perkus Maximus on facebook and leave a comment, spread the word and the love. Also, send me pictures of your hot cousin.

    In case you have some useful skill to offer (advanced Papyrus scripting, computer art stuff, whatever you come up with) and feel like helping, send me a message - either on the nexus or on failbook.

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