If you added MCM support to your mod, feel free to leave a comment here. As this will also attract the attention of potential users, consider adding a short description and maybe even some screenshots.

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  1. xWilburCobbx
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    Simple Property Investment

    I have included an MCM in this brand new mod, if you wish to add it to the list, I would appreciate it.
  2. Offtherails
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    Cats in the Dark applies a permanent but heavily tweakable visual filter that gives khajiit an always-on night vision effect
  3. zethgleeson
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    Player Voicesets
  4. luk4kro
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    where i can change lang ?
  5. patchling
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    • 198 posts
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    I do not see Chesko's Campfire listed here, it is a great camping mod, and required for Frostfall 3.0 and later

    Another mod that has an mcm menu that I do not see listed here is Vampiric Thirst - Dawnguard Edition by Miss Leeches my favorite vampire gameplay overhaul.
  6. HelicopterCrash
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    Companion Selene Kate
    such config. much follower
  7. JetSteele
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    Nephilim has MCM Support:
    "A select group of Angels known only as Watchers were to act as protectors, teachers and warriors on Nirn, however many became lustful of mortal women hence why the Nephilim were born...part Anuic Angel and part Mundane."
  8. TMushS
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    CS Tag & Track:
  9. SAAG3
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    I have a little problem with mcm and Deadly Dragons. The mcm menu doesnt show up! i have other mods and they all show in the mcm menu ( the ones with support of course) but deadly dragons dont. I asked in their page and they told me to ask here.
    I have the last Skse ( 1.6.16), Skyrim , and skyui 3.4.
    Maybe someone can give a hint about what to do?
    1. LaBohemeProductions
      • member
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      I have the same problem as SAAG3, and have been tweaking load orders around to no avail. Any help?
    2. FathomsDeep
      • supporter
      • 366 posts
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      I've had some mods in which the MCM menus were very slow to load. Sometimes, rolling back a save or two helps to get them to load, for some reason. other than that, I suggest waiting a good long time, if you have quite a few scripty MCM mods installed, to make sure everything has its chance to run. I'm sure there must be something more to do, but that's been my experience. Also, once you DO get it to load, it seems to stay there.
    3. DarthScythan
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      Didn't work, I saw Complete Crafting in my MCM list, however all the functions didn't work. Then after a while it said 'Registered 1 new MCM menu' or something, I check again and Complete Crafting was gone. Loading an older save did not fix it.
    4. inire
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      look for Jaxonz MCM Kicker. It can wake up MCM menus that don't respond.
  10. fore
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    FNIS Sexy Move uses MCM.