Not just because I'm a Final Fantasy fan :  
          I made this mod for two reasons the first because I liked making character presets  and was using Familiar Faces and secondly because I wanted followers who had their own mission and story, and in junction with that want because I really disliked the summoning spells in Skyrim.  I wanted them to be powerful beings like the Daedric Princes and whatnot but there were other mods did this... but i wanted a story with getting the ability to summon powerful beings. I totally intended to recreate FFX in Skyrim...But I can't script.... and I still cant navigate the dialogue view menu in the creation kit And as a result of the above I chose to make these summons individuals from around Tamriel who gave their lives for a specific purpose.

What I want to do with the mod

       I would like Yuna and carbuncle  to be quest aware and to script an event with Yuna every time the player goes into one of the temples and beats the boss. She'll go to the altar and pray and learn the npc-version of the spell and the play will learn the power version however I want the player to only be able to learn one summon at a time.

The Temples

Originally these came from Ultimate Summons JP, another mod here on the Nexus but the author has given permission to use his assets, I changed the interiors to reflect the deities that they belong to. They're ancient archaeological sites.

                                                                       There are four around Skyrim
Temple of Ifrit
Temple of Shiva 
 Temple of Ramuh
Temple of Shadows

     <--- spoiler: Each temple has a guardian that you have to defeat that represents the convoluted or dark aspects of each deity, the reward for doing so is the spell tomes to summon both the good and bad aspects of the deities and a ring or necklace that can be worn by the player  to give some of the spells the deity below uses and the ability to summon the deity for a temporary time (npc spell)---> 

The characters explained
Their backstory:

Anise- witch lady who tried to subjugate Ifrit and failed 
     <--- spoiler she has magic jewelery in her cellar that will teach the wearer the spells a circlet, ring, and pendant:  
        Fira, Thundara, Blizzara, Thundaga, firbolt, icespike, thunderbolt and reduce destruction magic cost to zero--->

Yuna,  A young woman gifted with the ability to commune across the different planes of Atherus. She is a gifted healer and traveled to Skyrim  by ship seeking to visit various places and offer any kind of assistance she could some way or another she made her way to Riverwood from a carriage in Whiterun and witnessed Alduin flying overhead after he had destroyed Helgan. He whispered of the Dragonborn and the claiming of Tamriel as his throne. She had been blessed by her father,  a famed archaeologist who also secretly  shared his daughter's gift of spiritual communication, with a book that detailed the returning of the dragons and of the dragon born, and also the means to stop the dragons through the power of the various beings below. 

   <--- spoiler she's wearing powerful jewelry: Healer's pendant, Healer's ring, circlet  they teach you shell, protect, ultra ward, null fire, null frost, null thunder (Ultra ward from the healer's pendant can be used by npcs it protects the user from everything :D by making them etheral)   

Carbuncle, an orphen sent to live with his uncle Lucan  in Skyrim after a strange illness befell many in his small town his sister sent a letter to Lucan prior to his arrival. He is an adventurer by heart and a so called "treasure hunter" by nature but many people if they observed his treasure hunting would just call him a thief. He is gifted in the art of illusion, healing ... and lock picking...

He has these little toys his sister gave to him a long time ago that he enchanted that can conjure fire, frost, or sparks. 

You should save him from his mundane life at  the Riverwood Trader... Lucan is mean and threatens to kick him out if he doesn't "work for his stay"  Camilla is weird  and he sleeps under the stairs.

Ifrit,  a man tricked by a daedra who gave his soul for  power who became an aspect of Oblivion's  fire, he was first summoned into Skyrim by a witch named Anise who tried to subjugate him... in the game you'll see this didn't work well for her...

Ifrita, is a succubus that is worshipped my warlocks in Intal's Deep. She offers them secret magic in exchange for their brining filled soul gems to her.

Ramuh a redguard Shaman and warrior who became the embodiment of storms and venerated as a trickster deity  he is the same deity invoked by Redguards along the Alik'r Desert when they're in want of rain and also the same name whispered  into the winds of Skyrim  that cause storms he appears as an older Nord man as well. 

Shiva is a beautiful (supposed to be  Dark elf ) woman who sacrificed herself to a bandit leader to stop horrific raids against her town that left many children without their families. She became the protective aspect of Ice and mother hood.   Bahametta ... I actually gave her a back story in game  really in Yuna's book but really I wanted her to be like Joan of Arc, she was going to be a very young looking woman but I decided against it. She was and is in game a woman who was is forsworn, she is dragon born as well and is able to conjure aetheric frost and fire dragons. She is a follower and Summon. 
As a summon she's wearing this skintight suit that aids in her mobility with a sliver knight's helmet with silver pauldrons  that meet behind her forming wings. She has a mastery over all elemental magic and a sword that lays waste to enemies that attack those under her protection. She uses dragon aspect at the beginning of battle. 

As a follower she looks like a beautiful medium-toned woman with raven-black hair she can also use dragon aspect and has an innate grasp of magic she too can an ethereal dragon but for a shorter time. She has the spell book to teach her summon to the player.

Neo-Bahametta - Is a Daedra that is part dwemer  machination and was deemed too powerful for the mortal plane. It's chains have been broken. If you defeat it will come under your will

Moogles are just moogles  kupo!  There is one in riverwood probably talking to  Yuna. He has a spell tome to give someone that he likes to summon a moogle to aid them in combat.  Edea and Yunalesca...To be honest  I don't know where the idea came from to include them but I remember thinking where the flip are all the bad ass female villains in Skyrim?  Edea is now Silvia in FFSkyrim she is suppose to be in wolfskull cavern as the ritual leader but idk what's up with that. 

Edea is suppose to be  Yuna's antagonist, a powerful sorceress who wants to use the power of the summons to destroy both the empire and the stormcloaks and unify the rogue warlocks and Hagravens and bind Alduin to her will. She has been chosen by Yunalesca and as such she can summon her. 

Yunalesca, is the primordial deity of night, time, the moon, shadows, fate and is revered as the mother of the stars. Those who know of her say she is ancient shadow given shape and form, others say she is the wife of Akatosh, a mortal woman made divine. She walks upon water. 

         It is Yunalesca's power that flows in Edea. She has the power to compress the past and future for a person causing them to age rapidly and grow feeble, she also commands shadows and stars and can make dark orbs of shadow manifest and decimate an entire populace, while their souls and life force are carried back to her by way of shadow tendrils. 

Now the truth about Edea --->  in the mod so far because I didn't see her at wolfskull cavern I made Illia in the darklight tower quest Edea. She summons Yunalesca and uses Shadow magic from TenebKel's Shadow Magic Spell package and all of Edea's spellss you should get it if you don't already have it it's an amazing mod! 

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