Mines Sell Stock by Kelsenellenelvian
Rustic Weapons Pack - Mihail Weapons and Shields (mihail immersive add-ons - witcher) by Mihail Romanov 
Black and Gold Elven Equipment with Masked Helmet by Shodan44 
No BS AI Projectile Dodge (Magic and Arrows) - Immersive Projectiles Nondetection of Enemies by Reize 
Universal Race Scale Remover SSE by Abbalovesyou 
Ancient Falmer Ivory Glass Weapons by GyntRyles 
Expanded Jewelry Crafting by lautasantenni 
Wabbajack Script Fix by Vicious Ceph aka Wystan Belov 
Dawnguard and Clan Volkihar Epilogues by SkyLover264 and Kelsenellenelvian 
The Get Both Rewards Series by SkyLover264 
Scoped Bows by OutLaw666  
Staves of Skyrim by Kearsage 
HD Quill of Gemination by Gutmaw 
Bonemold Expanded by Link815 
Iron Armor variant with sleeves and chainmail by defunkt 
Surprised Response by CaptainRC 
Multiple Floors Sandboxing by Dovahklon 
Sun Rune - a restoration spell by Elianora 
Female Dwarven armor remodel by Galickarn 
Dwarven Gear Sword by Mysteryman88 
Full Magic Scaling by ilovecarpet 
Crude Iron Weapons Expansion by Kredans by Kredans 
Immersive Civil War Cleanup by Telamont 
Guild Master Armor for the Guild Master by Krevil 
LOTR Elven Warswords by Ghosu 
Drizzt DoUrden Sword Twinkle by Ghosu 
Dagger of Xian by Ghosu 
Ghosu - Dragonbone Knife Knuckles and Cutlass by Ghosu 
Cobb Tweaks by DavidJCobb 
Sneak Sound Tweaked - SST by 123keelos 
Arvak the Ghost Horse by CaptainRC 
Bound Crossbows by ElfPuncher 
Lockpick Inventory Remodel by born2bkilled 
Spell Rune Retexture by Piestub 
Masked Orcish Helmet by Shodan44 
Smithing Perks Coverage by Ninakoru 
Newmiller's spell books retextures 2 by newmiller 
Redguard shields (Hammerfell armoury) by farinelli 
Unofficial Misc Bug Fixes Patch by Question 
Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch - USMP by The Community 
Skyrim Toy Story by jacknifelee 
Real Silver Swords - Standalone and Replacer by Gizmodian 
Lock Related Loot by Hackfield 
Heavy Gilded Elven Armor Set by Dracula420 
Unread Books Glow by duggelz 
Rupture and Craft Soul Gems by eyeonus 
Animated Weapon Enchants
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
Auto Harvest
Better Vanilla Hairs - Mesh Replacements
Boots of Speed Enchantment
Calling of the Conjurer
Crimson Guard Armor - Stormcloaks - Modders Resource
csd Souls to Perks
Dragonclaw Weaponry
Easy To Find - Mushroom Glows
Elder Scroll Reading Fix
Elemental Destruction Magic - Dragon Priests
Elemental Destruction Magic
Explore Skyrim
Ghosu - Helmets _ Bone Shield and Tribal Staff
Ghosu Weapon Pack - Rebalanced Edition
Ghosus Weapon Pack
Grammatical Loading Screens
Guard Shields - NEW look
Guards attack thugs assassins and more
Immersive Load Screen Messages - Dawnguard and Dragonborn
Improved Restoration spells against undead
Incremental Difficulty
Karliah fix for trinity restored
Lore Friendly Spells
Lore-Based Loading Screens
Lucia and Sofie Sleep Well
Magic Anomalies Nerfed
Mammoth Loot
Map Markers Complete
Map Markers Solstheim
Master Spells Should Be Masterful
Miscellaneous Quests...as Miscellaneous Quests
Missing Enchanted Jewelry
Mystic Condenser
No one cares about Nazeem
Paladin Spell Pack - Version 1_3_1
Patron Gods of Skyrim
People are Strangers
Pretty Lips
Realistic Falling Damage
Retextured Vanilla Hair
Rude Imperial Soldiers Escort Prisoner fix
Shadowmere scars - Animated Glow
Shield enchantments
Shock Attacks Ignite Fire Traps
Shut UP. Can't you see I'm busy fighting
SIZE DOES MATTER - NPCs do not rescale shrink resize - less camera restrictions
Skyrim Extended Potions
Skyrim Magic System Completed(SMSC) v1.12.1
Skyrim New Master Spells
Slightly Less Shiny Argonians
Soul Carin Mistman-Boneman-Wrathman Overhaul.
Soul Gems Glow When Full
Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim
Summermyst - TrueWeapons and LvlLists
The Elder Scrolls Tomes - Skyrim Magic Addon
Thieves Guild Bounty Clearer
Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion
True Dragon Born(by GIndustries) Special Edition at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community
Various guard outfits for Every cityTS Edition
Vendor Sale Delay - GONE
Weapon Variants Expansion
Werewolf Footsteps Repair
Zim's Fortify Enchantments
Dragon Priest DragonBorn Circlets Aetherial Crown by Kiwi-Hawk
ClipsyMoon For making all of his assets free to use
Gizmodian Oblivion Weapons for Skyrim by Gizmodian
Enchanted Bonemold in Lists by JKalenad
Truly Light Glass Armor (female) - Replacer by Letstryagain & OperatorCactus
Truly Light Elven Armor (female) - Replacer by Letstryagain
Light Bonemold Armor - Fully Integrated by JKalenad
Bonemold Helmet - Alternate Style by Kyim
Thalmor Armor Set by HyPNOS
Stylised Kukris (fantasy) and Darkage Dagger by Kiwi-Hawk
Dagger Mod Resource by BlutKult
Dagger for your Mod by standalone09
A Matter of Faith - Daedric Edition by YamiElisa
Apothecary Inventory Rebuild by cxgdarch
Filled Pots by Jokerine
More Dramatic Alduin Retexture by lightningo
Real Silent Moon Fix by falco99
Naz's Mod Library - Collection of mini mods including textures and patches by Nazenn
Divines Overhaul by Paradoxnrt
Arrowsong A Bosmer Bow by jet4571
Open Face Guard Helmets by axonis
Dialogue During Magnus by broccolu
Nord Hero Weapons HD Retexture by dragonleo999
The Magic of Food and Drink A cooking overhaul by MisterB1969
Werewolves and Werebears Distributed by SkyLover264
Wolf Steel Weapons by jet4571
Candlelight Magelight No Ugly Glow FX by TheGloriousArgonaut
Remove Torch Glow by azzendix
LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Talos Statue with Greatsword by LeanWolf
Ghosu - Amulet of Talos Replacer by Ghosu
Full Moon Weapons by jet4571
Ancient Nord Armor - Chainmail by TheGreenLion
KDCirclets Redone by zzjay by zzjay and harokyang
Expanded Bound Weapons including Bound shields v2_2 by Aetherius
Summon Arvak - Now a Lesser Power by AndrewOverload519
Valuable Pelts by Kozoi
Insanitys Dragon Katana by InsanitySorrow
Insanitys Celtic Katana by InsanitySorrow
Dragon Katanas by MurdermiesteR
DLC Spell Integration by Rooker
Ugly Bronze Shine Remover by MayheM7
Kesh the Clean - Tweaks by AndrealphusVIII
Durnehviir Resurrected by opusGlass and Bellyache
Scaly Serpentine Dragon HD by opusGlass
DaggerCraftPackage by faxivcm
SBO - Skyrim Blade Overhaul - Thinner and Longer Swords by SleeperService
Dragon Language Shouts by Aadil Valconi
No More Dragon Word Wall Blindness by Vermis1031
Telvanni Robes Fix by p0xus
Purchasable Telvanni and Dunmer outfits by Rajti15
Bandits wear Helmets by Captain Lhurgoyf
The Woodcutters Wife by OminousVoice
Dragonborn Taunts dialogue bug fix by Gilgamesh
College Boots on Corpse by thefinn
Fur Bag - Backpack by TreasureChest
Leather Backpack by Tupii and theRoadstroker
Mead Keg Backpack by drsoupiii
Knapsack Backpacks by drsoupiii
IPM - Insane Armory Mod Sets
Pause on Game Load by underthesky
Arch Conjurers summon Dremora Lords by defunkt
Jebbalon's Mead Barrel Fix by Jebbalon
Draugr Have Black Souls by PlagueHush
Dragon Steel Weapons by jet4571
Dragon Shouts Rebalanced by Lazy Dreamer
Realistic AI Detection (better sneaking) by Olivier Doorenbos
Als Paragon Reward Chest by AlCiao
Als Konahrik by AlCiao
Legendary Skyrim Crossbows by Kelsenellenelvian
DJjojo for Crossbows Basic CollectionNightingale Crossbow, and Carved Nordic Crossbow
Crossbows by scot
Elsys656 for Stalhrim Crossbow
Joolander for Torch Bolts and Arrows
Jokerine for New Iron Crossbow Looks
madcat221 for Dawnguard Crossbow Explosive Bolts Visualized
Daiyus for An NPO Module - Crossbows
bigdeano89 for better quiver meshes
Marco's Integrated Leveled Lists by Marco
Faction Crossbows SE by Deserter X
Ghosu - Auriels Crossbow and Swords
Ghosu - Horker Bow and Crossbow
nsk13 for the Nightingale bow and crossbow assets
Misc Spinning Arrows by NyQuilKY
Realistic Crossbow Re-texture by Mythos214
Stalneisti and Staleldur - AKA Shock and Fire Stalhrim Variants by pookyrune
Assassins Crossbow by HyPNOS
Wooden Crossbow by gutris1
Bolts and Arrows of Dagon by giggity12345
Enhanced Crossbows Enhancement by MadCat221
Steel Crossbow and Crossbow Bolt Recolor by Mythos214
Silver Crossbow Bolts by Aegis Runestone
HD Steel Crossbows by Cat_Woman1989GratuitousLurking for testing
MisterB1969 for leveled list advice
Kels Maps and Enchantments by Kelsenellenelvian
Heroic Stormcloak Armor by lumps
Werewolves Drop Werewolf Pelts by Assiassin
Adopt Helgi Ghost by Hydreigon
Adopt while Grelod Lives by Neolin_windblade
B-D-Y-E-B Shield Mod by TheMalfazar
Better Atronach Forge by GaigeTheMechromancer
Companions Radiant Quest Adjustment by NemesisTheWarlock
Dawnguard Radiant Quest Adjustment by NemesisTheWarlock
Give Beggars Food by cloudedtruth
High Resolution Horker Tusk by Jokerine
Multiple Lycanthropy Regift by Arron Dominion
Slower Companions Advancement Remade by taj202
1st Person Candlelight Fix by Savaas
Ulfric's Bracers (Gauntlets) Fix by frogf
WoodElf - MaleHair - Fix by Pavilioncore
Return to Grace Fix by Ritaku
Correct Gender Animations - Legendary Edition by AdayDr1en
Lie to Degaine about Dibella Statue by bruce142
Immersive Light Source Tweaks by 123keelos
The Paarthurnax Option by simtam
Vampire Lord drain with Serana fixed by Thivus
Wolf Queen Awakened - Shorter Start Delay by SkyLover264
Player marriage dialogue redone by Cutesie
Rings Of Tamriel Modders Resource by MadNuttah
Karstaag Returns by bluedanieru
Buyable Golden Claw by Ghaunadaur
Farmers Sell Produce by rajti15
Northern Steel - Expanded Nord Enchants - Overhaul by Sinistas
Script fixes by Taka2nd
Aetherial Crown Scripts fix by thebigMuh
Hunters Not Bandits by raccoondance
Wiseman303's Shahvee Fix by wiseman303
Ancient Draugr Shield by majormodder
Merge Plugins xEdit Script by matortheeternal
Automation Tools for TES5Edit by matortheeternal
Stalneisti and Staleldur - AKA Shock and Fire Stalhrim Variants
Stalhrim Extra Crafting by lautasantenni
Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers by toaDime
Chicken Loot by Achronos11
Dawnguard - Jiubs Opus Quest Markers by Demonise69
Inncreased Food by Banjobunny
Teddybears 1.1 by Tamira
Cooking Recipes Pack by Wolferoo
Circlets For The Win by biggdaddythompson
Rebalanced Leveled Lists by evittalex
Bonemold and Chitin Weapons - Morrowind Armory by GendunDrup, theycallmecheese and Wulfharth
Enchanted Dawnguard Armory by Urtho
Shellbug armor and extra Snow Elf Equipment by Okralord
Telvanni Hood Retexture PSD by Rafuel
Ornate_Steel_weapons V2_5 by FantasyWarrior
Wolf Armor Remix Male and Female by MonsterMonkey
Morag Tong Hood - Morrowind Style by HeirOfTheSeptems
MoragTong and Chitin Armor Enhancements by Dystortion
Runed Nordic Weapons by foxlight713
Ancient Nord Pickaxe Replacer by billyro
Imperial Armor Redistribution by darthbdaman
LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons by LeanWolf
Refracting Stalhrim CBBE UNP 7Base with optional transparency by skysan4298
Craftable 9 Divine Amulets by Manus812
Craftable Torches by bluedanieru
Ebony Weapon Replacer by crazylion
Orcish Weapon Set by crazylion
CL's Daedric Weapon's by crazylion
Better College Application by gandaganza
Crown Helmets by pnkrd and compiled by CyrusFyre
Alternative quest end Lights Out after first killing leader Broken Oar Grotto by bruce142
Bound Tools by Vonwarr
Ebony Warrior Bugfix by hubrismandibles
Better Transmute by wiktorio
Sven Ballad Dialogue Option Restored by DarkSoulDuck
Craftable_Enchantable Yngols Helm and Rueful Axe 1h 2h by ghosu
Ghosu - Horker Weapon Pack by ghosu
No More Fork-Like Dragonbone Arrows by Jokerine
Low-Tier Wooden Crossbow by blaholtzen and Jokerine
Dawnguard Crossbow Explosive Bolts Visualized by Madcat221
Enhanced Crossbows Enhancement by Madcat221
Master Dwarven Crossbow by UltimatePowa
ACrossbows Basic Collection by DJjojo
Carved Nordic Crossbow by DJjojo
Crossbows by scot
HD Steel Crossbows by cat_woman1989
Stalhrim Crossbow by Elsys656
Draugr Weaponry by destero
Broom Z axis size increase to 1.3 by Nikoli Grimm
Acquisitive Soul Gems Multithreaded by eyeonus
Ancient Nord Armor - Chainmail by TheGreenLion
Animated Dwemer Lift Load Doors by DOUBLEBREWSKI
Auriels Bow - HD Retexture by Alana12
Auriels Shield - HD Retexture by Alana12
Auriels Weaponry - the Holy Relics of Akatosh by amrasanarion
Bigger Pelagius' Hip Bone by Gojirex
Black Book's Powers - Seeker of Crafting by gabrielriot
Blackreach Weather by Lyss
Buzzin Beehive by snfkin
Charge Dialogue Fix by Whitefang37
Clean Up by IronDusk33
Craftable Dawnguard Vampire Jewelry by saieden
Destroy the Dark Brotherhood and acquire Shadowmere by soupdragon1234
Destroy the Entire Dark Brotherhood (Kill Cicero and Babette) by Cuttooth91
Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full by Whitefang37
Dragon Tweaks by SkyLover264
Dragonborn Black Book Power Enhancements by XunAmarox
Dust by ramccoid
Dwemer Beards by Anuiel
Ebony Diamond Circlet by Madcat221
Engraved bow (Hammerfell armoury) by farinelli
Female Ancient Nord Armor Redone by prosauce
Ghosu - Auriels Quiver Replacer by ghosu
Ghosus Auriels Quiver Retexture by Alana12
Give Guards Mead by zeraon
HD Black and Gold Dwarven Armor and Weapons (Non- Replacer) by R97R
Hired Thugs Fixed (or No Hired Thugs optional) by mrjentipede
ImprovedIllusion buff spells by thevehicle
Insanitys Dwemer Weapons by InsanitySorrow
Left Hand Enchanted Rings by juf0816
Left Hand Rings Modified by Homercide
Luka Pumpkins by ElioraArin
Merchants add their earnings to the strongbox by Specter0987
Modern Brawl Bug Fix by EnaiSiaion
More Dramatic Alduin Retexture by lightningo
NarrativeLoot - Forsworn Skull Helmets by TwinCrows
No Annoying Mannequin Message by o66xfuq7
No Unthematic World Interactions after Civil War by LoneWolfEburg
Ornate Buklari Shield by Fortran
Paarthurnax Reborn by Link815
Pick up books by Alaebasta
Point out Enemies by underthesky
Queen Potema Replacer and CTD fix by 00m9
Skaal Kid Aeta Coat by Madcat221
Skyrim Belongs to the Nords - stringent conditions for the phrase by LoneWolfEburg
Slightly Less Useless Fork And Knife by Cutthroat
Stop Afflicted Refugee Encounters by oblivionated1
Summonable Ethereal Chest by sagittarius22
Sunhallowed and Bloodcursed Arrows - HD Retexture by Alana12
Take clam shell by benitoite
TELDRYN SERO Misc Tweaks - Varied trade dialogue responses by defunkt
Whiterun Warmaiden Shadow Fix by zaty1
Honningbrew Meadery Inventory by LadieWinter 

Arthmoor for use of the CRF companions scripts.

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  1. pyrobl
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    i think one of these mods is crashing my game when i try to enter the game. i have nothing else enabled and it crashes on the main menu any ideas?
    1. Skyknight12
      • member
      • 14 posts
      • 0 kudos
      The might might not have downloaded properly. Try uninstalling the mod, delete it, redownload and reinstall. Fixed it for me.

      Took me a month to realize what was the problem.
  2. squall7734
    • member
    • 140 posts
    • 3 kudos
    I have to ask as I can not find ANY information as to What EXACTLY is "Paarthurnax option", what does it do, etc? There is NO information as to what it actually does/changes/whatever on the NSO page and seeing as the original mod's page has disappeared from the nexus, I'm at a loss to what it actually does/changes. Multiple searches with googles turn up empty or point to Paarthurnax Delimma rather than option... I need to know because I ALWAYS use Paarthurnax Delimma as a -required- core mod in my games because I absolutely refuse to ever kill Paarthurnax (though I can NOT say the same for Delphine... Can't even begin to count the number of times I just want to make her explode into a million pieces).
    The only info on the page is that it suppresses "the Paarthurnax quest" unless you chose the dialogue option... Is this the quest where you "have" to kill Paarthurnax? If so, then you may want to clarify that, especially since the original mod's page is gone.
  3. fortevn69
    • premium
    • 83 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Is it possible to make an installer that auto-detect what mod I'm already having? Like the dual sheath redux patches installer? Or not as an installer, but a tool that just check and tell me which mod I already have so I can disable them from my modlist?

    Either way this is an amazing package. Thank you for doing this.
  4. muchProVerySkill
    • member
    • 80 posts
    • 2 kudos
    some interesting stuff some bad
  5. simtam
    • supporter
    • 833 posts
    • 40 kudos

    But why didn't sent you me a PM about this back then?

    Stuff could have been developed during these two months, you know.

    Just saying.
    1. Kelsenellenelvian
      • premium
      • 3,533 posts
      • 220 kudos
      I was aware I needed to check in with you? (Who are you actually anyways? )

      Just sayin....
    2. simtam
      • supporter
      • 833 posts
      • 40 kudos
      Someone who can be found on the above list with Ctrl+F.
  6. Kelsenellenelvian
    • premium
    • 3,533 posts
    • 220 kudos
    Yeah, lots of authors have been super generous and cooperative with allowing their works to be added here.
    1. jumarbye
      • premium
      • 3,224 posts
      • 37 kudos
      This is amazing. So many of these mods I already had in my load order (and don't need to keep any more) or wanted, but couldn't afford to add to my mod list.

      Thank you SO MUCH! Downloaded today and am playing with it tonight (after I figure out all of the mods I can uncheck).
  7. Filipeamdb
    • member
    • 79 posts
    • 3 kudos
    amazing mod list.