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Enhanced Character Edit or RaceMenu
Creation Kit
NifMerge <- extract anywhere convenient
TES5Edit <- extract anywhere convenient
RS Children
RSChildren Playable.esp (found in the installer)

As a supplement to the video, there'll be timestamps next to each step.

1 (0:00)
Install the requirements.

If you've just installed the Creation Kit, navigate to your Skyrim folder and open up SkyrimEditor.ini. Under [General], check to see if bAllowMultipleMasterLoads and bAllowMultipleMasterFiles exist. If their values are set to 0, change them both to 1.

If they don't exist, then add them in below [General], like so:

Make sure RS Children (+ playable esp) is installed, so you can edit the kids later.

More importantly, have the .esp you want to patch installed as well. In this tutorial, I'll be patching Gavrostead.esp, but we'll be calling it [originalmod].esp throughout these instructions.

3 (0:40)
Open up TES5Edit. Right click -> Select none; find and double-click [originalmod].esp.

We'll want to "esmify" the .esp so it can be seen as a master file. In the left pane, find [originalmod].esp and expand the tree. Click on File Header. Then, in the right pane, right-click the blank space next to Record Flags -> Edit. A warning will pop up, click Yes I'm absolutely sure. -> tick the box next to ESM, then press OK.

5 (1:15)
On the left pane, find the child(ren)'s records within Non-Player Character (Actor) and write down /remember their Editor ID (second column). If you don't know the child's race, scroll down the right pane to find it, it's displayed next to RNAM.

Back on the left, right-click the entry ->  "Copy as override into...", then double-click <new file> in the popup box. Name it whatever makes sense. In this case, I'll name it RSChildren Patch - Gavrostead.

  • Tip: If there are several children in the mod, you can select several entries at once by Ctrl+left-clicking them.

A pop-up will appear saying the .esp will become a master. Hit Yes. Then exit TES5Edit; confirm that you want to save both plugins, and hit OK.

6 (2:29)
With RS Children Playable.esp active, open up Skyrim and create your face by pressing tilde (`) and typing in showracemenu. Customise it however you like.

There are only a couple things you have to write down or remember:
  1.  the three skintone values (RGB). the fourth slider is the interpolation value (A), if you touched it, write that down as well.
  2. the character's weight value
  3. eye color
  4. brow type

Since I wanted the video to be short, I'm just going to copy over Aventus' face. I'll make his hair a bright color so later on, it'll be easier to tell whether or not the process worked.

Before you export, save the preset or make a save file. Then export the head.

  • If you have Crash fixes, it may cause the game to CTD upon face export, and either way it's better to take precautions. If you crash, either disable it temporarily, - or - set AlignHeapAllocate=1 in CrashFixPlugin.ini (downside is increased load time and increased memory usage). Then  load the file or preset and try again.

7 (5:03)
Open up Creation Kit, double-click on RSkyrimChildren.esm. Then scroll down and double-click your new patch .esp. Make it the active file and press OK.

Click the Actors tree, and then in the search field, type in the child's editor ID. Double-click the entry when you find it in the right panel.

-> Match the weight to the character you exported in the Traits.
-> Go into the Character Gen Parts tab; type in the three values of the skintone. Then change the hair and eyebrows to the ones on your character. (Example)
-> If you want, navigate to the Inventory tab and pick an outfit for the kid; the options are near the top of the list.At the bottom of the window, you can find two preview buttons. Hit "Full" to preview the outfit, and ignore any error popups.

Once you're done, exit out of the window.

Click on the child's entry again and press Ctrl+F4. A popup will appear; click Yes, then OK. Save the plugin and exit the CK.

8 (6:55)
Open up NifMerge.
Both the head and facetint you exported from RM/ECE are located in
  • NMM/manual users: (Skyrim Folder)\Data\skse\plugins\CharGen\
  • MO users: (Mod Organizer folder)\overwrite\skse\plugins\Chargen\
Drag the .nif file to the left side.

The head you Ctrl+F4'd in the Creation Kit is located within
  • NMM/manual: Data\meshes\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom\[originalmod].esp\
  • MO: overwrite\meshes\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom\[originalmod].esp\
Drag it to the right.

Click on Match by Vertex; it should match some of the left side's parts and tick those boxes for you automatically. There are some it can't identify--so tick those boxes as well, and match the parts together yourself (usually the hair and hairline; custom hairs tend to abbreviate "hairline" to "HL").

Click Merge to Target! It'll overwrite the one in the FaceGeom\[originalmod].esp folder and make a backup of the old.

Meanwhile, the texture path:
NMM/manual: Data\Textures\Actors\Character\FaceGenData\[originalmod].esp\
MO: overwrite\Textures\Actors\Character\FaceGenData\[originalmod].esp\

Copy over the facetint from Data or overwrite\skse\plugins\Chargen to that folder. Rename and replace the old texture.

If the folder and textures are missing, simply create the folder. Name the .dds the same as the head.

9 (8:07)
Spawn the child in-game to see if they turned out the way you intended. Once you're done, open up TES5Edit and revert the original mod back to a regular .esp.

10 (not in video)
For MO users, make a folder within your "mods" folder and pack the files in there, so you don't forget about it! If you ever uninstall either mod, it'll be easier to remove these files as well, so you don't have to go digging inside your overwrite folder.

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