Greetings again, Nexus. With the release of Skyrim SE, I'm sure there are some people wondering when and if FCO and/or my other mods will make the jump to the SE.

The answer is a certain "Maybe." I'm not going to lie, the past year I've been out of the loop quite a bit. If you know me on Steam there's been a lot of Saints Row going on, and as of late, Fallout 4. The latter however does bring me back into the Nexus's orbit, so I've been back just as the SE drops. Behind the scenes I've been having enormous technological difficulties, namely in keeping a desktop up and running, but as my current system seems to be working alright, I'm optimistic for the future. 

Ultimately it's going to depend on how legacy content is ported into the SE. If it has a CK that has a process baked in to transition content over, well and good - I'll have it up on SE Nexus as soon as I can. FCO's file page is actually already started over there, and just waiting for the files to get added and get published. If it's more involved, then obviously that will take longer. FCO's primary mechanism is a new "quest" that adds in follower comments as new lines of dialogue, and conditions that narrow the window for making comments into contexts that make sense (most of the time anyway, if a comment I read about a follower warning about archers on spotting a fish is to be believed). Building FCO wasn't an intellectually difficult process, but it was very tedious and time-consuming. So if ESPs for the SE have to be rebuilt from scratch, that is obviously going to take a great deal of time longer.

Also to be considered is the status of projects on which FCO depends, namely Skyrim Script Extender and SkyUI's MCM. That infrastructure will also have to be in place; the SE folks I know are probably already hard at work on an update, especially as they already have Fallout 4's script extender done. SkyUI, however, may not be coming to the SE, in which case other work-arounds will have to be figured out.

Ultimately, if I'm not able to get this done myself, I'm not so egotistical that I would deny SE players the chance to enjoy FCO - if I cannot get it done, I stand by the Creative Commons license I have applied to my work, and it is freely available to be ported and integrated by others. The only thing I request is that any forks of FCO clearly identify themselves as forks (i.e. FCO Enhanced, Continued, etc.).

So tl;dr: while I've been absent I am aware of the SE, and that Skyrim players will want to enjoy it there as well. I'm keeping an eye on things and will at least attempt to get it ported over, once the infrastructure to do so is in place, but am also leaving the door open for others to do it if this eventually proves impossible.

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  1. PhenomFazMFQ
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    Hi terzaerian

    I did send you a message as I just couldn't have a playthrough of SSE without this mod.
    I took the liberty of porting it for my personal playthrough and after ensuring it worked as intended, I shared it on the SSE Nexus. Here's the link:

    I only did this as I didn't get a reply from you and I noticed that you were kind enough to provide the necessary permissions to do so, unless I misunderstood them which I hope not.

    Also you will be happy to know the port of this mod was highly appreciated by the SSE community and it is currently in the TOP MODS THIS MONTH list as well as being featured in the HOT PICKS section for a couple of days.

    If you ever do come out with your own version with improvements or if you just don't like my face then please let me know and I will comply with your instructions.

    Cheers Mate!