Potential Compatibility Issues
Where are the compatibility patches?
Virtually unnecessary. GUISE changes very few records.
The start of this article will briefly overview of record changes.
The rest will be details on why they exist and how you should handle conflicts if they arise.

Load Order?
Put GUISE towards the bottom, in case any mod might try to over-write Vile Concoction's alchemy record changes.

Complete List of Potential Record Conflicts
* This list is in TES5edit notation, for your convenience.

Actor Value Information - Smithing/Enchanting/Alchemy
Game Setting - fWeaponConditionCriticalChanceMult
Magic Effect - Various Alchemy Effects
Magic Effect - PerkQuickShot, PerkDualFlurryWeapon
Spell - PerkAbQuickShot, PerkDualFlurry30, PerkDualFlurry50
Perk - Various
FormID List - mineOreToolList

Details on each of these record conflicts below

Actor Value Information, AKA the perk trees
GUISE has perk trees, so it has a record change here.
Feel free to delete this record to remove GUISE' perk tree.
The perks will still be available via MCM menu

Changed from 10% to 100%.
Affects how the crit chance actor value works with certain weapons.
Used by enchanted loot crit chance enchantments.
At its vanilla value of 10%, you might have an actor value of 100 crit chance. Then equip a weapon, and your crit chance with that weapon becomes 10%. Weird, right? I don't see why any mod would want this at anything besides 100%, so it's very unlikely this results in any notable conflicts.

Vile Concoction's Alchemy Effects
Vile Concoctions uses scripts. Ones that are baked into alchemy magic effects.
A more compatible implementation could be done that checks every time you equip an item (IE a potion), then scans the magic effects of the potion, and so forth. But that is obviously several times more script heavy.
The way I do it here is extremely script light.

Downside? Potential compatibility issues.
Make sure GUISE is low enough in the load order so that no other mods are over-writing Vile Concoction's alchemy effect records. Otherwise that mod will overwrite all relevant Vile Concoctions Scripts.

Attack Speed Magic Effects/Spells
These are probably the only records that might require a compatibility patch. Details on why below.

Combining attack speed enchantments from the Enchanted Loot Module with attack speed enchantments from other mods could end up giving your character 100% more attack speed than intended. This can in theory, be rectified with a compatibility patch.

Note: Attack speed upgrades on signature weapons are NOT enchantments/magic effects, so any attack speed upgrades will not cause issues.

Why is this the case? Well for some reason, Bethesda made 0% attack speed = to 100% attack speed. So if I want to give a player +15% attack speed, I need a scripted version that checks if the player is at 0% attack speed or not. If he is, give +115% attack speed, if not, give +15% instead. The problem is every mod that has attack speed magic effects knows to do this, but each of our mods aren't aware of each other. So, my mod would not see that SPERG already handed out the +100% attack speed base, so my mod hands it out again. I believe SPERG has a script that tries to handle this in a universal way, but I have forgone that particular implementation out of concern for potential race conditions that could permanently alter your character's attack speed stats.

NOTE: There are attack speed upgrades in Signature Arms. These are NOT magic effects. They will not result in conflicts.

I've implemented a few fixes to prevent certain perks from overwriting perks used by Enchanted Loot enchantments.
There's only a few as USKP covers most of the core ones. But there are still 6 or so that the USKP misses, so those are in here.

There's nothing wrong with deleting these records to prevent compatibility, as the issues if encountered, are not gamebreaking. But it is worth noting that these record changes exist.

Mine Ore Tool List
This is a record change that is, over 2 years old now? It really doesn't need to exist.
A script will handle this conflict in version 1.1, and this conflict will be gone.

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