Detailed Information: Enchanted Loot
Getting Started
Step 1: Go to the loot injector in the MCM menu and register the inventory hotkeys.
Step 2: Now, find a generic enchanted item (IE not player made). Say, "Iron Sword of Flames".
Step 3: Highlight said item in your inventory, and press [R}
Step 4: Click "Quick-Identify"

And you're done.

There's also an Identify Spell in your inventory, that you use by dropping a player enchanted item on the ground and casting the spell at the item. This spell works like quick-identify, but also allows you to do things like salvage items for arcane dust, socket gems, or reroll enchantments.

List of Perks
Unlocks the offensive property slot on armor.
Increases enchanting power of traditional enchantments scaled to enchanting level. 2x at level 100.
Unlocks utility property slots on armor and attribute property slots on weapons.
Unlocks defensive properties on armor and attribute properties on weapons.
+40% minimum property roll. Doubles the magnitude of scrolls. Gain the ability to transcribe scrolls with rolls of paper, charcoal, and arcane dust.
15% chance to supercharge primary property but another primary becomes a negative property.
You can craft up to 6 properties on traditional enchantments, but enchantment power decreases the more properties you use.
Increase the chance to roll an amplifier property on weapons from 10% to 60%.
Increase the chance to roll an miscellaneous property on armor from 10% to 60%.
All miscellaneous properties are unique quality of life improvement enchantments.
Arcane Inspiration
Increase the chance to roll an epic property on armor from 10% to 60%.
Forbidden Knowledge
Gain a 10% chance for a property to receive maximum roll.
You can now learn enchantments from items that cannot be disenchanted.

Casting the identify spell on an already identified or player enchanted weapon will give you the option to salvage it for 10 arcane dust
You can spend 10 arcane dust to re-enchant an item or spend 20 arcane dust to enchant an item even if it is not "unidentified"

Casting the identify spell on an already identified item will give you the option to socket
If an item has the "socket" enchantment, you may use gems to replace that socket enchantment with a new enchantment based on the gems used
All gems used must be of the same type
The gems are gone forever after you socket them

This Xtended Loot
Enchanted loot added by Xtended loot is NOT generic loot.
It is, technically, player-made, diablo style loot.
You cannot quick identify it, but you can salvage it for arcane dust.

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