Q: I have a problem with the mod.
A: Please view the workarounds section and compatibility section. If you can't find your problem make a new comment in the "Posts" section and I'll take a look at it.

Q: Do I need any DLCs to use this mod?
A: No. No DLC is required. However you need to have “skse” installed.

Q: Are the interior dwellings navmeshed?
A: Yes. Bring in your followers!

Q: The Shack/furniture was not built correctly, there are parts missing!
A: This happens when skyrim's scripting engine is busy. Load a save game, wait a while, and then try building again.

Q: When starting a new game, the game's installation wizard is shown but the buttons can not be pressed.
A: I have tested this and the button works once the loading screen goes away. If it doesn't work right for you, start the new game with the mod disabled in your manager, play until you get your hands unbound (when you get into the castle) and then save the game. Quit the game and enable the mod in the manager, load the save, and then it should work fine. Furthermore if you get the master spell you can verify that it went in your inventory.

Q: Is this compatible with real shelter?
A: No. The regular shacks let rain and snow in. However the sheltered ones don't, and these are specifically made with different visuals. (The regular shacks have broken rooftops, the sheltered ones have closed off roofs) They are also different in terms of weight and price. This implementation was chosen because it's more immersive, requires less scripting, and is compatible with all weather mods.

Q: Is this compatible with the mod “Helgen Reborn”?
A: I'm not sure, I haven't played through the quest. This mod does change some exterior near helgen, so if you want to be sure use the interior only compatibility version when installing. That version is definitely compatible.

Q: Can you make the shacks and furniture craftable?
A: I decided not to make these craftable for several reasons.

One is gameplay concerns, regarding how much vanilla houses and furnishings cost, and balancing them out with the shacks. If the shacks and related furniture are craftable, they almost certainly will be ridiculously cheap to build.

2nd, is the fact that there aren't enough vanilla materials to build the shacks from. There are some interesting items available in the Hearthfire DLC, but I didn't want to make Hearthfire mandatory to play this mod.

3rd: The interior buildings are limited, and therefore it isn't possible to just simply make them craftable as they are unique items.

Immersion-wise: I never considered it a problem. The player might be an adventurer who has learned to build his own armor. But does he know how to build shacks? Not necessarily. The player is a weaponsmith, not a carpenter. He does learn carpentry in the Hearthfire expansion, but that is not a necessary expansion and many people don't have it.

Q: Can you make the item placement the same as frostfall or jaxonz repositioner?
A: No. There is no need for that. The current placement system is very precise if you use the third person camera, and you can use the “Move Shack Items” spell to fine tune their placement. I prefer this method to frostfall's wonky placement and jaxonz's method uses keyboard shortcuts which I don't want to use.

Q: Can you make big houses using this mod?
A: No. The large shacks are the largest thing you can build. If you want to build larger buildings use the “Home Construction and Decoration” mod.

Q: When I want to build something, they just hang in the air or drop on the ground instead of being actually built. How can I fix this?
A: Pick it up and drop it again, this happens when skyrim's scripting engine is too busy. If it kept happening, you may have deleted the script files by accident, try re-installing this mod and load a save from before the mod was installed.

Q: My follower doesn't come inside the dwelling.
A: If your dwelling has a door (like sheltered shacks) enter command mode and order them to activate the door.
As for shacks built at a height, currently followers are not able to access shacks through spiral stairs. Multiple regular stairs also confuse the AI to the extent that they just cant use them usually. (However regular stairs do have AI info so feel free to experiment with them)

Q: The current Shack kits can only be built up to 3 levels high, how can I build ones at higher heights?
A: You can make it higher using planks. Build a plank 3 levels high, then build your shack on top of the plank. You can keep building planks on top of planks until you are at the height you desire.

Q: Can I name the shacks?
A: It isn't a built in feature, however it's possible to achieve this using the mods “jaxonz Renamer” and “Multiple Custom Markers with Notes

Q: Do the carpenters ever restock?
A: Yes. The carpenters use skyrim's basic merchant system and restock once every few days. If there are any anomalies with the merchants it's most likely some other mod that's modifying skyrim's merchant system.

Q: The carpenters don't sell basements and burrows.
A: Either your game is not running the scripts correctly, or you have not chose to include them when you installed the mod. Try reinstalling and load a save from before you installed this mod.

Q: Are all crafting stations available?
A: Yes, all of them are available but a specific carpenter might not be selling all of them at the same time. Either wait until he restocks, or seek another carpenter and he might have what you're looking for.

Q: Can you build custom shacks by putting in walls where you want?
A: It is actually possible to code something like that but is not currently within the scope this mod.

Q: Grass is clipping inside shacks and I can't disable them. How to fix this?
A: That's how Skyrim's engine handles grass, it just spawns them on certain textures, so they're not objects to be disabled. You can tone down your grass in skyrim's ini settings, or build your shacks at some elevation, ie choose uneven terrain when you're building them. You can also place the planks at an elevation, and put your furniture on the planks.

Q: I returned to one of my 3 shacks, which is a sheltered shack, and the door was gone.
A: This happens when a sheltered shack with the same id is rebuilt. If you are using console commands, you should use a different code for each new shack you build. If using master spell, refrain from building shacks with the same ID twice. This will not happen in regular playthroughs.

Q: I'm using a “Realistic Carry Weight” mod and am overencumbered when I purchase a shack.
A: Shacks are heavy. That's realism for you. Here are some suggestions:
1-Have one of your followers carry it for you.
2-Install the “Convenient Horses” mod and put it in your horse's inventory.
3-If you don't mind “magic”, use the “Conjurable Chest and Crafting Furniture Spells[left][/left]” to conjure a chest and put the shack in it, then go to wherever you want to go to build the shack, wait a day and conjure the chest again to get your shack.

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