Using console commands are explained in detail here and here. I will explain some of them that are related to this mod briefly:

For each of these commands, you first need to open the console by pressing the “~” key on your keyboard. (It's usually next to “1”)

Disabling an object:
Click on an object with mouse. This will select the object and a number (it's id) will be shown at the middle of the screen. After this simply type “disable” with no quotation marks and press enter. Be careful that some objects are larger than you think. If disabling an object was a mistake open the console again and type “enable”.

Flying back into your shack:
First make sure you have no item selected by double clicking on any object, then type “tcl” with no quotation marks and press enter. Close the console menu and fly back into your shack. Then open the console menu and type tcl again.

Summoning followers:
Select a follower in console menu. Write down its id. Then whenever you wanted to summon him/her, type “prid <id>” with no quotation marks and replacing <id> with your follower's id. Press enter then type “moveto player” with no quotation marks. Press enter.

Tilting objects:
Select an object on the console menu. Type “GetAngle X” with no quotation marks. Write down the angle. Then type “SetAngle X <new value>” with no quotation marks and replacing <new value> with the new amount you want your object to be tilted towards the X axis. Do the same for Y axis by replacing the X with Y in the above commands.

Acquiring the master spell:

help “CShacks Master Spell”

this will give you a code for the spell in this format:
SPEL: (<CODE>) 'Cshacks Master Spell'

Write down the code and then type:
player.addspell <Code>

replacing <code> with the code you found earlier.

Paying for items acquired with master spell:

To pay for the item, type:
player.removeitem F <price>

replacing <price> with a value from the following chart.

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