Note:  This assumes that you have installed TES5Edit 3.1.0 or above and have set TES5Edit.exe to run as administrator.
Here is an article explaining how to set TES5Edit to always run as admin.

Installation And First Time Running:

1. Install like you would a normal mod.
BAIN Users: You will have to select "has extra directories" when installing the zip file!

2. Goto Your Skyrim Data folder, and find the folder NPCVisualTransfer

NMM Users:
A quick way to access the data folder:

Then open the Data folder.

3. Inside there will be a file called NPCVisualTransfer.tes5pas
(I suggest also making a shortcut of that file to the desktop for quicker access!).

4. Quit Nexus Mod Manager/BAIN if applicable.  Then run NPCVisualTransfer.tes5pas
4a.  It may ask what program you should run this with,  select TES5Edit.exe

5. Press OK when the Master/Plugin window pops up.

6. Follow The Instructions on the script.  It might ask you to create a new plugin  that will act as the patch. I name mine VNPC_Patch.esp

7. After the script has finished, press the X button on the top right.

8. SUPER IMPORTANT:  If it asks to save multiple plugins,  deselect every plugin but your patch.

9. Start up NMM if applicable and your new ESP will be there.

Thats it.


Subsequent Runnings:

You can add more NPCs to your patch at any time, just follow the directions below.

Repeat Steps 3-8

If you ever want to uninstall or modify an NPC you modified via this tool.  Then please uninstall via this script first so I do not accidentally overwrite anything!


1.  Run NPCVisualTransfer and select "Remove Transferred NPC" for every NPC on the patch.
2.  Remove The Mod Via NMM/Bain Uninstall or manually remove the NPCVisualTransfer folder found in your data directory.
3.  Quit NMM/BAIN
4.  Manually delete your patched plugin and the VNPC_Data folder.  (both will be found in skyrim's data directory).

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