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    Installation/Running/Uninstallation For Mod Organizer Users

    Note:  This assumes that you have installed TES5Edit 3.1.0 or above and have set TES5Edit.exe and ModOrganizer.exe to run as administrator.

    Here is an article explaining how to set TES5Edit/ModOrganizer to always run as admin.


    Installation and First Time Running:

    1. Install like you would a normal mod through Download With Nexus.

    2. Activate The Mod "NPCVisualTransfer"

    3. Goto the data tab and expand the NPCVisualTransfer folder

    4. Right Click RunNPCVisualTransfer.bat and goto Add as Executable
    *Note: Do not select Open/Exectute as that will not work.

    5. Select this executable from the executable dropdown menu and hit run.

    6. Press OK when the mod selection window pops up

    7. Follow The Instructions on the script.  Will ask you to create a new file that will act as the patch. I name mine VNPC_Patch.esp

    8. SUPER IMPORTANT:  When you quit. It will ask you to save your plugins.  If it asks to save multiple plugins,  deselect every plugin but your patch.

    9. Back Inside of Mod Organizer, hit the refresh button.

    10. At the bottom of your modfolders there will be a new folder called VNPC_Data, activate that folder.
    (If it is not there, try restarting mod organizer)
    11. Activate your new patch.

    Subsequent Runnings:
    You can add more NPCs to your patch at any time, just follow the directions below.

    1. Before running the script, deselect VNPC_Data and make sure the esp file you created is below all other NPC mods (I just stick mine at the end and then use loot to resort it again when I am finished).

    2. Repeat Steps 5-11.

    To Revert All NPCs and Start Again:
    1. Delete VNPC_Data mod folder
    2. Delete Your VNPC_Patch.esp file.

    To Uninstall Completely:
    1. Delete VNPC_Data mod folder
    2. Delete NPCVisualTransfer mod folder
    3. Delete npcvt_Config.ini (Either in the overwrite folder or inside the NPCVisualTransfer folder if you moved it there).

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