1.  Download 7zip.  As the zip file was compressed via this tool, many people have had problems downloading because they are using a different zip manager.

2.  Download TES5Edit

3.  If you are a Mod Organizer user, please watch this video here, Its 4 min long and GamerPoet does an amazing job going step by step on what to do.

NMM Users:
3.  Open up your skyrim installation directory:

4. Make a new folder called TES5Edit.

5. Extract the 7zip file you downloaded in step 2, into your new TES5Edit Folder.

6. Right Click TES5Edit.exe inside of the TES5Edit folder and goto Properties.

7.  Select The Compatibility tab, check "Run This Program As Administrator" Select Appy then Ok.

8.  Now RUN TES5Edit.exe and when the Plugin/master selection popup occurs close out of the program, do not press ok.   That will allow tes5edit to create its config files.

That's it, now tes5edit is ready to go!

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