Just a note that I have stopped my protest and unhidden my files.  No changes have been made to any of my files.
And now, THIS:
Greetings from the Creation Kids!
My, these past few days have been exciting!  In the "Riot in the streets" kind of way.  But don't we all look so much better in the glow of a freshly torched Bethesda?
We have had numerous lengthy discussions about something.  You know..that monetization thing.  It was a great conversation, tables were flipped, Elianora pulled a gun on Lazygecko, T3nd0 and I got into an incredibly violent meme-war that ended in Snakey burnt and crying and Trogdor missing his beefy arm, Mysticentity distributed communist pamphlets written on organic goat cheese, and our writer, Arcanist, simply sobbed in a corner writing in his diary and sipping Jim Beam.  This is how we converse.
And in that conversation, we realized something - though we all had different opinions on that - that monetization thing, one thing was clear: nobody on our team will EVER make their files paid on the Steam Workshop.  Some of us abhor the idea, some of us really don't care, and Elianora really just wants to stay out of it.  But we all agreed to never make anybody pay a red cent for our files.  If you want to donate to us, fine, we'd love to take your money.  But that will always be YOUR choice, not ours.  We are, and will always be, Forever Free.
We would like to invite other modders to be Forever Free as well.
Mysticentity has designed a logo for us all, and has uploaded it as a modders resource.  You may find that logo here:
This isn't an attack on anybody else, this isn't a bold stance about right and wrong, this is a statement about who we are as modders.  We will all be posting this logo onto the top of our pages to make this statement.  If you would like to join with us in this stance, then feel free to post to the top of your page as well.
Thank you for your time, and we sincerely wish the modding community the best of luck.

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  1. UnceUnceUnce
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    Screw you.
    1. fang3412
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    2. ZeroSbr1
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      On one hand, there was no need for the "Screw you." bit. On the other, Apollodown should be called out for his lunacy. This behavior with him pulling mods because "someone who voted for Trump may be enjoying my mods" is not acceptable from any adult. Apollo used childish reasoning and reached a childish conclusion. He never should've decided to go all political in the first place if he can't handle his side not winning. Guy needs to stop being a manchild. I'm not saying he needs to (or should) re-upload all his mods, but he really should at least apologize for his behavior.
  2. kvatchcount
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  3. noobzor
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    And now the paid Skyrim mods are over. That was short-lived.
  4. FirebornGames
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    I would pay Chesko and give him free blowjobs. His decision to monetization his mods is just that, his decision; some people need money, who are we to shame someone for trying to make a living when we still don't have a life?
  5. CptnBrryCrnch
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    this is great!

    Chesko makes damn good mods and does not deserve hate. (which is related as some idiot will bring it up)
  6. elemental10
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    *slow clap*

    This... monetization thingy is not about us consumers. It's about you modders.

    As long as there are modders like you, I believe we can still flip ourselves back up.
  7. Drsmilegood
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    Have you all at Creation Kids thought about making a Patreon? I would love to be able to donate on a monthly or mod release system to you all. The entire Overhaul is on my must haves and I love them. Being able to donate to you all would be something I would greatly enjoy being able to do.

    That being said I understand that donating on a Mod Release system is a bit demanding and I would fully support you all in not going that route as well. It could lead to a feeling of having to put out mods which I would never want to incentivize. Modding is something that is best done when there is a passion for it. Either way looking forward to you hopefully getting a Patreon page. If not then steering me in the best direction to donate to you all would be appreciated!

    Thanks for your time.
  8. 44blox
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  9. GrimCamel
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    Thumbs up!
  10. deleted5510204
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    Folks like you guys are worth giving something back to, even if it is but only a few coin, you deserve it more so than those falling like little sheep in with the corrupt schemes of those thinking they can steal as they please from the ones with the real love and talent for it, and that especially includes both Bethesda and valve.

    Always remember where you came from, and what you original intent was. May there be more of the likes of you guys in the community.

    May these fiends who wish to strip the community of its passion be burned in the fire of humiliation and greed, be forgotten for all that they have done wrong to a community that was once a unity and is driven by passion and talent.

    I raise my tankard to the souls who stand their ground against this abomination that proves how obsessed and infected the gaming scene and the world has become with greed.

    To all the modders sticking to their original intents and sense of selflessness, aye, you will be remembered forever, as you define why we do modding, not for fame, fortune, but for the love we have for it, to share our joy and to unite millions of gamers under one cause, to enjoy the fantasy worlds we craft for ourselves. To those, I would raise my sword and shield, and be by their side in their time of dire need.

    *Lifts his tankard, and takes a sip of his ale*