Because Disparity adds the ability to gain increased skill progression through both class and racial skill specializations, I've changed the Mage, Thief, and Warrior blessings to remove the skill progression bonuses. In the process, I've also rebalanced many of the other Standing Stone abilities. I've tried to keep the blessings very lore-friendly and in many cases, I've altered them to be closer to the blessings received in previous games. I've also swapped many of the once-a-day powers for passive abilities or lesser powers.


  • The Apprentice: Regenerate Magicka (100%), Weakness to Magicka (50%)
  • The Atronach: Fortify Magicka (+150), Spell Absorption (50%), No Magicka Regeneration
  • The Lady: Regenerate Health (15%), Regenerate Stamina (25%), Regenerate Magicka (25%)
  • The Lord: Armor Rating (+75), Resist Magic (15%)
  • The Lover: Fortify Speech (+20), Critical Hit Chance (+10%), Absorb Stamina from combat targets
  • The Mage: Spells are 10% more effective.
  • The Ritual: Ritual power changed to Lesser Power, duration decreased, and it now costs 100 health to cast.
  • The Serpent: Resist Poison (50%), Created poisons are 10% stronger, and Poisons applied to weapons last for 1 additional hit.
  • The Shadow: 10% harder to detect when sneaking, Muffle 10%, plus original once daily invisibility power.
  • The Steed: Movement speed (10%), Carry weight (+100)
  • The Thief: Luck (10%)**
  • The Tower: Reduce stagger (20%), automatically unlock all Novice or Apprentice locks, once daily unlock one Expert or Adept lock.
  • The Warrior: Physical damage increased by 10%.

**The Thief stone grants you an increased chance to find more gold, gems, and special loot. It also adds a 10% chance to receive a 10% bonus in various situations. On any of the below actions, you have a 10% chance that:
  • attack damage is increased by 10%
  • critical hit chance increased by 10%
  • 10% greater pickpocket chance
  • 10% chance to deflect arrows with shield
  • block 10% more damage
  • increase bashing damage by 10%
  • Enemy spell duration is decreased by 10%
  • arrow recovery chance increased by 10%
  • lockpick sweet spot increased
  • enemy critical hit chance decrease by 10%
  • incoming spell magnitude decreased by 10%
  • bribe amount decreased by 10%
  • receive 10% less falling damage
  • incoming damage decreased by 10%

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