Before selecting a class, make sure you have first chosen your character's race. Changing your race after selecting a class will reset your attributes and undo the class changes.

To choose a class for your character, go into Disparity's MCM and select one of the classes from the menu. If you don't want to have a class, then simply leave this option as Default/None. Selecting None/Default will set all starting skills to a base level of 15, just like the vanilla game.  If you choose to select a class, then all of your skills will instead start at level 5, and your chosen class skills will be added to this.

Each class receives 100 skill points which are distributed as a combination of Major and Minor skills. This reflects your character's skill proficiencies. These values are in addition to any racial bonuses. You may choose to customize any of the skill values.  By default, the skill points will be added to your starting skill level, but you can also choose to apply the points as Fortify Skill effects or as a bonus to your skill progression (XP Rate).

Class-based skill points are generally applied to your character's starting skill level. Optionally, you may choose to allow these skill points to apply to your skill progression, allowing your class's Major and Minor skills to increase faster proportional to the number of skill points awarded to those skills. I.e. 10 points = skill increases 10% faster. Selecting this option will decrease the Specialization XP bonus from 20% to 5% for skills within your class's specialization.

Each class has one of three Specializations: Combat, Magic, or Stealth. All skills that fall under your character's specialization will increase 20% faster.

Each class has one Primary Attribute: Health, Magicka, or Stamina. Your character will start with 20 extra points in their Primary Attribute, added to the values determined by their race and gender.

Each class has one of seven Secondary Attributes: Speed, Agility, Strength, Endurance, Intelligence, Willpower, or Personality.

  • Strength: +20 Carry Weight, +5 Unarmed Damage, Melee attacks do 5% more damage
  • Endurance: Power Attacks require 10% less stamina, Stamina Regen increasesd by 10%, Block 5% more damage
  • Intelligence: Spellcost reduced by 5%, Magicka Regen increasesd by 10%, Spells are 5% stronger
  • Willpower: Power Attacks require 10% less stamina, Magicka Regen increasesd by 5%, Stamina Regen increasesd by 5%, Resist 5% Magicka
  • Agility: Resist Stagger 10%, Critical hit chance increased by 5%, Ranged attacks deal 5% more damage
  • Speed: Movement speed increased 10%, 5% chance to dodge incoming damage, Attack speed increased by 5%
  • Personality: Persuasion & intimidation chance increased by 10%, Buying & Selling prices improved by 5%, Bribe costs are 10% lower

As of version 2.0, there is now a separate option for creating a custom class.  In addition, you can also simply choose any of the predefined classes and make any desired changes to that class's selections.  All of the class settings can be fully customized to suit your preferences.

If you have SkyUI version 5.1 or higher, then you will be given the option to name your custom class, or to re-name any of the existing classes.  If you have FISS installed, then you will also have the option to save your class changes as a custom preset (you must finalize your class selection first before the option to save it will appear). 

Each and every class can be customized, re-named, and saved as a unique FISS preset.  Perhaps you want to balance all of the class options around a favorite overhaul mod, or perhaps you just want to create one or two unique classes that suit the type of character you like to play.  Once you save your class presets, they will load automatically when you open Disparity's menu.  The next time you start a new game, your presets will be immediately available for use without having to make any further adjustments.  Feel free to upload and share your custom class presets. 

If you overwrite Disparity's existing class settings and wish to return them to their default values, then you can find copies of the original class presets under Data\SKSE\Plugins\FISS\Disparity_DefaultPresets.  Simply copy these files and paste them into Data\SKSE\Plugins\FISS.

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