Cleaning up your save game before upgrading Tania mod

This is not needed when you start a new game!

This Article will explain in detail step by step how to upgrade Tania mod on an existing save game and remove the older versions of Tania mod using SaveTool v2.0.

Before installing new Tania mod you'll have to do a few things.

1.Backup your current save files. You need to backup not only SaveFile.ess but also SaveFile.skse.

2.Retrieve all items in the Tania's inventory and her bag that you do not want to lose from Tania. And leave her default items in her inventory as you joined her for the first time.

3. Goto a 'save' location. (Suggest to go inside Dragonsreach.)

4. Dismiss Tania and Save the Game.
(We'll use this save as a starting point for the save game cleaning operation.)

5. Exit the game.

6a. Download "Save game script cleaner" from Nexus website: SaveTool

6b. Open the "Save game cleaner" file and extract the SaveTool.exe to a convenient location.

7. Start the SaveTool by double clicking it.

8. Open the save game you created in step 4.

9a. Cleaning out old Tania mod's Mod Forms and Mod Scripts from your save game. Press Mod editor button in the Forms/mods section to open Mods window.

9b. Check Hermit.esp only.

9c. Press Delete selected mods forms button to remove the forms of old Tania version in save game.

9d. Press Delete selected mods scripts button to remove the scripts of old Tania version in save game.

10. Save the changes. (You can choose to over write or give new name and make back up or not.)

11. Uncheck Hermit.esp in your mod manager.

12. Start the game and load the save game created in step 10. Ignore following warning message in loading and wait till it is fully loaded plus 30 seconds.

13. Save the game. (either new save or overwrite.)

14. Exit the game.

15. Start the SaveTool program again. And select the save game you made in step 13.

16. Cleaning out all orphan script instances from your save game by clicking 1) FixScriptInstances button and 2) Delete all #-> button.

17. Savethe changes. And exit SaveTool.
(You can choose to over write or give new name and make back up or not.)

18. Start game without Tania mod and load the save created in step 17.
(Wait till it is fully loaded plus 30 seconds.)

19. Savethe game and exit game.

20. Start the game again without Tania mod and load the save created in step 19.

21. Save the game and exit game.

** Step 20 and 21 may seem to look redundant but they are not!!
(After step 19 the game is still searching and trying to load missing scripts and mod forms!! By loading the saving it again all missing forms and scripts are no longer looked for by the game.)

22. If you want you can check and verify if everything went okay.
Start the SaveTool and open the save created in step 21.

Clicking "FixScriptInstances" button should result in:
"Removing orphan script instances.."
"0 script instances removed."

Clicking "Delete all #->" button should result in:
"0 scripts and 0 instances removed."


24. Install the NEW Tania version!

- Credit -

Shrike for information about installing mod from "Installing AnnaNPC’s 2.0 on a SaveGame"


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  1. noum77
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    THIS METHOD IS NOT COMPLETE (without using a complementary tool):

    That's being said, if you're like me and you want to uninstall multiple mods the one after the others using this usefull technic, you'll end up by getting a CTD right after the loading screen. That happens after uninstalling let's say 4 or 5 mods. This is beacaus there are still some scripts left by "Save Tool" even though it says "No orphan scripts detected".

    If this happens to you, use "Skyrim Save Cleaner" to scan your save. Then open it in "Save Tool". Now it is able to see the remaining scripts and delete them as normal.

    Using "Skyrim Save Cleaner" once in a while on your save can be very usefull. It also can delete dead bodies from it.

    Hope this help someone, peace
  2. linhaitao
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    It's helpful for me. Thanks!
  3. CaMoTiMe420
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    does this work with other mods in the same way?
  4. xDarkWolf
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    Useful, thanks!
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    Perfect tutorial to cleanup savegame, very helpful!
  6. noum77
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    Savetool's Nexus ID is 52363, not 5236