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    FAQ and Complete Changelog

    FAQ and Important Notes:
    Before anyone asks, 'sex' with the 'Flower Girls' is similar to sex with Gomorrah prostitutes in Fallout New Vegas. I have no plans to expand on this component of the mod (so don't request things like 'can my character get STD from them'). 'Inconsequential NPCs' is not a 'sex mod' and never will be. I have nothing against 'sex' and 'sexuality', but the -only- reason I added these NPCs was to enhance 'immersion' as Riften in the base game felt like it never quite lived up to its reputation. So please respect my feelings on this matter and don't request more 'sex stuff.' Since 'Inconsequential NPCs' now has both male and female 'sex workers', I consider 'the book closed' on any 'sexual services'-related NPCs.

    1) Most of the NPCs in this mod don't have names, just titles or profession?
    Yes, they are -that- inconsequential.

    2) Are any of the NPCs flagged as 'essential'? Do any of the NPCs respawn?
    No and no. They are 'inconsequential.' A few NPCs are flagged as 'protected' though, which means while they cannot be killed by monsters and other NPCs, they can be killed by the Dragonborn.

    3) Why can't I craft the unique armour worn by that obnoxious dude chil-laxing in the Blue Palace? What are the stats for the armour?
    The technique for forging the 'Full Plate' armour worn by the 'Foreign Envoy' is alien to the smiths of Skyrim, so while it can be tempered, it cannot be crafted (in other words, this is intentional). So there is only one way to obtain it without 'cheating.' As for the stats, the 'Full Plate' armour pieces have slightly better AR than steel plate armour pieces and are lighter in weight. The same applies for the 'Chain Mail' worn by the Solitude Town Crier (it can be tempered, but not crafted), which has slight better AR than scale armour, and is lighter in weight.

    4) Will you make any marriageable NPCs?
    Nope, because they are not really all that 'inconsequential' once they become your spouse.

    5) Can we get some NPC followers?
    Nope. I might consider adding more expendable hirelings, but there will be no freebie NPC followers added by this mod. Followers are really easy to do (much easier than hirelings, since you don't even have set up dialogues or scripts for them), and there are already a -ton- of follower mods out there.

    6) Do all NPCs have daily schedules'?
    Some NPCs have extensive AI package stacks that simulate complex daily routines. Some require additional special AI packages properly conditioned to accommodate default game quests. A few just have a simple AI package that force them squat in the same spot day-in and day-out. The decision regarding how much of a 'routine' they should have is based on what the NPC's 'function' is. So for example, the carriage guards will not leave the vicinity of the carriages they protect, because the default game carriage drivers do not. Maven's bodyguard, on the other hand, has a rather large AI package stack and was a pain to set up because I couldn't just have him follow Maven -everywhere- (like into her bedroom, into the Jarl's throne room', etc.). Some of the InconNPCs do not sleep, some are assigned vanilla beds for their sleep schedule where unowned vanilla beds are available, some use beds added by me. I try to keep the adding of beds to a minimum to maximize compatibility. The majority of InconNPC who do not have a 'sleep' package will have a 'rest' package, where they park their behinds somewhere and just 'rest' and stay out of the way for the duration of the package.

    Change log:
    24/6/2015 - 1.9e - Changed implementation of Windhelm Gate Guard toggle
    21/5/2015 - 1.9d - Replaced some of the Windhelm Gate Guards' dialogue to avoid noticeable splicing. Adjusted Front Gate Guard's AI package stack. Added a bribe option.
    20/9/2014 - 1.9c - Added bedrolls and beds for some NPCs, adjusted relevant AI package stacks accordingly. Minor tweaks to some NPC AI packages.
    18/7/2014 - 1.9b - Fixed bug with Windhelm Gate Guard persuade check. Reduced speechcraft skill level requirement. Implemented player LOS check for some NPC idle greetings.
    12/6/2014 - 1.9a - Fixed an issue with Windhelm Dock Gate guard's ForceGreet package. Moved 'escorted out' destination for better compatibility.
    10/6/2014 - 1.9 - Added 2 NPCs, 1 new NPC type. Added 20 scenes. Removed custom face textures from teens. Updated Enhancement Module.
    2/6/2014 - 1.8b - Fixed Halldis' race. Added additional songs for caroling NPCs. Fixed issue with some facetints.
    24/5/2014 - 1.8a - Extra lines for Cassia added. Solitude/Windhelm soldier patrons will now change outfits to reflect whichever side wins the Civil War. Revamped InconNPCs dead body cleanup setup. Compatibility Patch for the 'Cutting Room Floor' uploaded.
    6/5/2014 - 1.8 - Adds 6 NPCs and 11 scenes. The Solitude Thalmor agents and sentries will now properly defend their HQ when the Civil War ends in favour of the Stormcloaks. If you visit the Justiciar HQ after defeating the Imperial Legion in Solitude, be prepared for battle!
    23/1/2014 - 1.7b - InconNPCs without unique names will no longer be conscripted as brawlers or victims for Companion radiant quests.
    24/12/2013 - 1.7a - InconNPCs without unique names will no longer be conscripted as targets for Thieves Guild and Winterhold College radiant quests. Fixed conditions for Winterhold College InconNPCs 'safety packages.'
    24/9/2013 - 1.7 - Adds 4 NPCs, 1 new NPC type. Adds 5 scenes.
    9/8/2013 - 1.6a - Assigned additional 'drunk' packages and dialogue to some NPCs. Fixed incorrect amount of gold removal for Addict 'services.' Tweaked conditions for one of the Windhelm Thane's dialogue.
    28/7/2013 – 1.6 – Adds 2 NPCs. Adds 5 Scenes. Fixed Whiterun Carriage Guard duplicate bows. Whiterun Professional Patron will resume using market markers.
    17/7/2013 - 1.5b - Adds 3 new scenes. Crier script optimized. Carriage guards will be disabled during sieges and enabled after. Some minor tweaks and fixes.
    9/7/2013 – 1.5a – New Town Crier outfit. Some AI packages tweaked.
    7/7/2013 – 1.5 – Adds 1 NPC, 1 new NPC type. Adds 4 new scenes. AI schedule Maven's Bodyguard tweaked to better accommodate her when she becomes Jarl. The college watchman will more consistently scold the Dragonborn when you pass him on the bridge.
    3/7/2013 – 1.4 - Adds 1 NPC, 1 new NPC type. Enhancement Module updated.
    23/6/2013 – 1.3 - Adds 12 NPCs, 1 new NPC type. Maven's Bodyguard revoiced. Adds 14 scenes
    12/6/2013 – 1.2 – Adds 14 NPCs, 3 new NPC types. Some NPCs will now wander about the town drunk at night or carol/revel outside of taverns. Some NPCs will 'attend temple' during their off-work hours. Adjusted follow distance of servants so they don't follow their masters so closely. Foreign Envoys revoiced. Adds 5 scenes.
    31/5/2013 – 1.1 – Adds 12 NPCs, 3 new NPC types, 2 existing NPC types overhauled and given their own profile. Adds 4 scenes.
    23/5/2013 – 1.0 - Release