Hey everybody, just a quick long update on progress for you all. I'm sure many of you are disappointed by the new update, mainly because it isn't nearly as seamless as the original mod. This disappoints me as well; I fear I have broken all three of my modding rules in one go. My mods must be immersive. My mods must be seamless. And lastly, my mods must be compatible.

The main reason things have gone wrong is that I rushed the update. I recommend that anyone who had 3.13 working properly keeps with that rather than updating. Actually I plan to make a quick update that reverts to 3.13's code with a few minor fixes. Maybe. Following that, I will be going back to the drawing board. There are chunks of code in 4.25 that are perfect and there are chunks that are sloppy. I'm going to salvage what I can and restart.

The primary goal for Equipping Overhaul is to duplicate Bethesda's Geared Up, without the bugs. The secondary goal is to accomplish what Dual Sheath does, without a patcher. I almost got both, but evidently not quite. Tertiary goals are the Lit Torches and Realistic Unequip. I have a few thing to say about both of those, but I'll save them for last.

First order of business is Geared Up. As you've seen, it is doable. 4.25 is pretty unstable if the comments thread is anything to go by. Stabilizing it will come with the planned update. I see some flaws with the code's nature, so I'll change those and all should be good. When I say change those things, I actually mean I'll be rewriting the code from square one once again, but salvaging a few function from 4.25.

The big issue with Geared Up is quite a pest. For some reason the Skyrim engine wants to inherit properties from the display item into the right hand. This causes issues like the right weapon having no impact set, doing no damage, and even inheriting some AnimType properties (mainly arrow requirement). I temporarily solved it by simply unequipping and re-equipping the right hand weapon whenever a display item is equipped. Frankly, this was a rotten fix. It causes half of the mods current instability and I'm sure you see some of its other flaws, like flashing weapons on game load.

Here's the disheartening truth: fixing that is going to be tough. From instinct, I think the issue is caused by the way the engine handles the EquipItem() function. If that's true then the only logical solution is to make my own equip function by making an SKSE plugin. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do that, but alas. If I'm wrong about the cause of the issue that means it's arising from something deeper in the engine, which may mean it's not fixable. We'll see I guess...

There are also some smaller bugs with Geared Up that I don't want to delve into in this article. It's safe say they will all be fixed! The main one is the way the mod handles when a display 1h weapon is equipped into the opposing hand, it doesn't just swap the display weapons, it hides them. Controller support will also be worked on, though it will come later in the work process (because it won't change the main mod itself, just the input stuff).

Now for the second thing I need to bring up: Dual Sheaths. This is causing many people grief. I basically did what Dual Sheath Redux did, but without a patcher (thanks to SKSE). And not as stable. Well, I think I'm going to need to rethink my process of accomplishing this. I have a bunch of ideas floating around in my head. I won't go into detail, but it is possible to do the Dual Sheath stuff without "mesh packs". No packs for vanilla or for mods, it will all be supported natively!

Q: Wait, without mesh packs??
A: Yup, without mesh packs. And guess what? I should be able to do it all without using any Biped slots!
Q: What about the ones you are using right now?
A: They will no longer be used by this mod at all! Say hello to compatibility!!

I'm not saying how quite yet. One thing I will say is it will still require a new skeleton (or something similar). There are some special plans for this that are going to blow your mind! Trust me! Here they are: Realistic Weapon Positions and Equipping Overhaul are merging into one big mega mod. It's not a typical merger though, because the mods aren't just going to be combined as they are in their current states. The changes for Equipping Overhaul are described above (and later). Here is what's going on with Realistic Weapon Positions:

Basically this is going to become insanely seamless! Everything, and I mean everything, is going to be configurable via the MCM menu and changeable on the fly! If you don't know what Realistic Weapon Positions is, it basically provides new skeletons with a lot of options on weapon placement. For example, daggers on the chest, arms, boots or hip! We are now working on making the placement configurable on the fly in the MCM! Not only that, but Geared Up and Dual Sheath will also inherit what is set up for this.

It is important to remember, this isn't going to be two mods Frankensteined together. I am starting on all the scripts from the bottom up, so they will all be very seamless to each other and the vanilla game! Immersion is high priority, so no clunky menus or messy ways of operating the mod. I'll be doing the scripting/coding whereas gregtiwald will be handling the skeleton and animations.

The merger is also going to allow something spectacular to happen. There will be completely dynamic weapon spacing and distance to remove clipping and to remove floating weapons! There will also be full support for crossbows and more features that I will likely discuss some other time (don't want to overload the article more than it already is).

Now for Realistic Unequip. Evidently the new version bugged out a few pieces of it. Mainly relating to torches. You may have noticed that Realistic Unequip also now occurs while in menus. Before, if I went into the menu with a steel sword in my hand, then equipped an axe, then equipped a dragonbone sword, when I closed the menu only the steel sword dropped. Now, the steel sword will drop while I'm still in the menu, then when I unequipped the axe for the dragonbone it would also drop the axe (while still in menu). I don't like the way it works in 4.25, so it will be going back to the way it worked in 3.13. It is more logical that way an a heck of a lot more immersive. Feel free to voice comments about things you want to see change or stay the same with Realistic Unequip (or any other feature for that matter)!

Lastly, I want to talk about Lit Torches. Once again, people found this had broke in 4.25. Just sloppiness on my part. Sorry about that. I'll fix all the bugs. I plan for many improvements with torches, like fire spread and torch extinguishment over time based on dampness. The new features for Lit Torches won't be in the next update though. They will likely be in the update with armour animations once I get to the feature.

I feel obligated to tell you that all this means there is a lot of work to do. Not only am I rewriting 4.25 to be bug free, but I'm also removing the need for mesh packs, making it use no Biped Slots, and working on Realistic Weapon Positions aspects. Ergo, I cannot make any promises about an ETA. Notably, I should have some extra time soon to work on this more! Well, that's about it. DragonDude1029 out.

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  1. Rahvin94
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    If you came here looking for a mod, don't. The people working on it abandoned the project and didn't tell anyone, and they aren't modding for skyrim anymore. This one's a bust, keep looking for whatever you were trying to find elsewhere.
    1. RyanBurnsRed
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      Thanks for the heads up
  2. LordStarkillerII
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    I just found this thread got so exited, then I saw the date :(
  3. akillith
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    2018 here, this is probably dead. I wish it wasn't.
  4. fang3412
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    Ok seeing as my post about how this is dead was deleted in under a day i'd say there is at least someone monitoring this page
    hope this is a hint that dragon is a still around
  5. claytonboylan
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    Oi, mate, just wondering if you got any updates for us yet? I have two characters that I love to play as in my Skyrim, a Redguard swordsman and a Breton necromancer. Your mod, especially for my Redguard swordsman is practically essential; you make the character come to life! Loaded with a bunch of weapons, a shield, bow, dagger, scimitar, and arrows, he practically looks like what I would imagine a cunning and dashing Redguard swordsman to be like. However, when I go to play my necromancer character, a pure magic character, I cannot use magic without having arrows equipped. I know this seems like a somewhat minor problem and I know your likely a busy guy, but it is slightly immersion breaking. I just would like to know if you got an ETA?
  6. ElderFo
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    Equip Overhaul SE Please! as soon as SKSESE is finished yes? Or give rights to someone who is willing and ready to port? So Exciting! I can't play without a mod like this one! I know I am not alone lol
  7. Philbrahim
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    Hey Dragondude1029,
    I've been following this thread, and threads/forums dealing with the display of weapons on characters and NPCs, for ages (or so it seems). I've been using Equipping Overhaul for sometime now, in several distinct playthroughs, and have had satisfactory but not completely problem free results. Notwithstanding this I persist with the mod because the benefits to me, in terms of immersion, far outweigh the odd feelings of irritation occassioned by the odd glitch.
    Just wanted to say thank you for all of your efforts thus far (and those of your collaborator gregtiwald) and wish you the best of luck in bringing your mod to a final state that you are happy with.
    Best wishes,
  8. Seshiri
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    I saw this on the rwp page linked over but before literally went f yeah in rejoicing!!!!! LOVE YOU!
  9. stijnvanpeteghem1990
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    yes please finish this
  10. peanutbutter395
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    Amazing idea, thanks for your effort!