DragonDude1029 here with an all new idea! I've been mulling an idea over for quite a while now and today I decided to put all of my ideas on paper. The idea is Inventory Overhaul, the sister mod of Equipping Overhaul.

So one of the largest annoyances in Skyrim is the system of encumbrance. I understand its purpose and I think it's an almost realistic idea. The problem is, what you can carry isn't just based on weight, but it is also based on volume. Inventory Overhaul will aim to fix that. The primary purpose will be to realistically define what a person can carry when it comes to amount of items based on their corresponding size and shape.

One thing that I think is notable is that the inventory in RPGs like Skyrim is treated like a bag of holding. It is not treated like it is what the character has, but like an unimmersive bag of holding unconnected to the character. This is bad and I aim to change that.

I call this new idea the sister mod to Equipping Overhaul because Equipping Overhaul aims to display what you can carry. Looking at my character without a backpack (and not considering the weight of the items), I could probably carry a single two-hander, two one-handers, a couple of daggers, two staffs, a bow, a shield, and a crossbow. That is the maximum amount of weapons I can have 'on' my character, so technically that should be the maximum amount of weapons I should be able to have in my inventory.

Technically I could even configure the two to go perfectly after that. You wouldn't favourite things to display them, everything you have would be displayed. Mainly because you cannot have more than what can be displayed.

Atop that I could have a set of clothing and a set of armour. Without a backpack I could probably only have a few misc items (everything that is not weapons or armour) as well. Backpacks (and bandoliers) would be fundamental to this mod though. I would utilize those to allow the player to additionally realistically carry what would fit in their backpack. Maybe another dagger or two. A lot more misc items.

Think about tents as well. Certain backpacks do a wonderful job of displaying a tent. A tent. Not tents. Why should I be able to have more than one on my person if I can't really have more than one on my person.

Here's the cool part! I could link the items to the backpacks themselves. So if you dropped your backpack the items that were in the backpack (ingredients, misc stuff, etc) would no longer be in your inventory, because they are in the backpack. Pick that pack up and you will have its items again. Same thing for bandoliers.

Notably, the basis of this would not be a simple replacement to encumbrance. The portion of the mod described above would describe what you could have on your person. You literally can't have more. It wouldn't let you. The second portion would enhance the encumbrance system. Remember, carrying things is based on volume (size and shape) and weight.

So I would configure encumbrance to initially let you carry a realistic amount of items. It would be perfectly configured to suit the volume portion as well. Going over your encumbrance would slow you down (vanilla mechanic). Realism mods like RND and IMCN can lower your max encumbrance based on health. I may even add a cap based on your max encumbrance. So with a certain amount you will be slowed down, but at another point you cannot pick up more items.

This means increasing you max encumbrance level via increasing stamina would not necessarily make you able to carry a crap ton of stuff. That is because it will increase you weight limit, but not your volume limit. The weight limit may even start below the 'volume limit' (though it's not a numeric value). To be honest, I would configure it for maximum realism, so don't be worried about it being immersion breaking or tedious. I wouldn't be making it if I couldn't make it perfect!

One thing this makes me think of is Pumping Iron. As you level up you gain muscle mass from Pumping Iron. This would go perfectly with your ability to carry more weight. It may be a little unrelated though because Pumping Iron is for specifically leveling certain stats and you don't have to increase stamina when you level up either. I may end up having support for that mod in the sense that stamina no longer determines your max encumbrance, but rather you Pumping Iron muscle mass does. That would be an MCM option available to those people who have Pumping Iron.

TL;DR. I will entirely enhance the inventory system to not only be based on weight (which I would hand tweak to perfection), but also based on volume (the size, shape, and location of storage for an item).

I have a base system for the coding of it sorted out. I'm just wondering from you guys: how much would you like it? Worries? Suggestions?

Please remember that, as always, I would make it highly configurable via MCM and make every piece of the mod able to be toggled. Also, this is planned to be an additional mod that will go hand in hand with Equipping Overhaul. The next update for Equipping Overhaul will still be exactly like I've described it in other articles. This will be a sister mod, but neither will be required for the other to work.

Speaking of the next update for Equipping Overhaul. That is still priority over this mod. I will begin on this mod as well as equipping animations for armour (part of Equipping Overhaul) right after I release the next update for Equipping Overhaul (see the Ongoing Rewrite and Awesomeness articles).

While doing that I will slowly work at my Equipment Degradation mod. After IO and the completion of EO I will entirely focus on Weapon Degradation. After that I will work on Ranger Elite in tandem with Courier Between Worlds. Notably, I've been working on Courier Between Worlds all along and it's going quite well. To all those skeptics out there, it is entirely doable and it will be done! I plan to eventually make an article about it, because what I am creating may very well blow you minds! Trading items with other players via an in game courier. Write letters to send to other players via an in game courier. Bartering. Auction houses even! I'll leave that for another article though!

So that's the gist of it! Make sure to voice your thoughts in the comments, I do read them! Dragondue1029 out!

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  1. Rhuunamum
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    Any news about the development of this mod?
    1. fang3412
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      I'd say its a dead post now
  2. deane9850
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    Already been done..

    1. adrunkenspacerat
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      I don't think that's exactly what was in mind here. Kuertee is giving penalties for carrying things that occupy space in this bag of holding that the dragonborn seems to have, it's an encumbrance mod, but "Notably, the basis of this would not be a simple replacement to encumbrance. The portion of the mod described above would describe what you could have on your person. You literally can't have more. It wouldn't let you." So while kuertee's mod would certainly help with the whole checking what you can carry business, the difference will be that their mod will incur penalties for using the bag of holding, where as this will flat out remove it.
  3. prabal
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    Lovely idea. Found this discussion while looking for a mod that would show ALL the weapons in the inventory. Your Equipping Overhaul mod is probably the best available & is what actually made me look for an even more realistic mod!

    The various backpack mods I've come across are a nice idea, & are arguably sufficient to hold smaller items (though not the tiny knapsack versions out there). But what was bugging me was where do I actually hide those other 2-handed weapons & shields & other bows, etc (Visually of course).

    Your idea to limit volume as well as encumbrance is great, though I could offer an alternate suggestion. It is a backpack/knapsack/giant sack, that could visually be large enough to fit large equipment (large swords, warhammers, bows could even stick out a bit) that you carry along with you. This would potentially solve the problem of volume to an extent (at least increase the volume capacity if nothing else).

    Your idea of attaching the inventory to the backpack is one I fully endorse. As well as slowing down when encumbered. If a gradual encumbrance/slowing down feature could be created, that would enhance the realism even more!

    Another idea is to have 2 kinds of backpacks. One for small stuff that could be kept on the body at all times & a larger backpack which holds unequipped large items like weapons & shields. This larger backpack (or just tied up equipment - it doesn't have to be a sack/bag, though that's probably easier to create as a mod) would ideally have to be dropped before combat, as fighting with a large number of weapons is just unwieldy & cumbersome (This is of course excluding the weapons equipped on your person with the Equipping Overhaul mod). Maybe add a penalty if the player insists on fighting while still lugging all that extra equipment.

    In response to some of the other commenters, those wanting to clear out multiple dungeons but still keep it real, the Dragonkiller Cart Reloaded mod is not actually a bad idea ( http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25493/? )! Have not used it yet myself, but from the description, sounds like a viable option for users of realistic encumbrance mods.

    By the way, thanks for the Equipping Overhaul mod. Its really nice!
  4. xSMTx
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    Awesome idea! I'd love to see something like this!
  5. thetricksterandtheoptimist
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    This sounds like an /amazing/ mod, and one I'd endorse thoroughly. There always seemed something funky about the way that carry weights and inventories were handled. I suppose, in regards to backpacks, it would be handled like a chest you could pick up? So I could dump a full backpack of camping gear in my player home ready to pick up and leave at a moment's notice?

    Also, I noted in the comments that someone mentioned burying treasure like in the Hobbit - could that be a feature of some sort? I'm not entirely sure how cell and container refreshment is handled in Skyrim, I've never had to make use of containers, but being able to leave things buried in the earth near a dungeon, carry what you can home and come back for the rest on horseback seems like a feature I'd make use of - I've craved it, in fact!
    1. fenterbug
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      Concerning buried treasure: Hunterborn offers the ability to craft caches. Those caches are safe containers that can be placed anywhere in the world. Looks like a rock. To me, it seems like a perfect form of "buried treasure".
  6. fraquar
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    The problem with Encumbrance is that you aren't really encumbered.


    If you are running without being encumbered you still have to stop and start walking once you've used your Stamina pool before you can run again. Makes PERFECT sense, even horses have to abide by that law.

    If you are encumbered, you can only walk, but you never use up Stamina while walking encumbered. Makes absolutely ZERO sense.You can walk with all the loot from Avanchanzel to Markarth and never have to stop.Worse yet, you can put your encumbered self on a horse and ride him all the way there in a tiny fraction of the time.


    Independent of other mods or ideas, encumbrance has to be fixed.Only then does the rest of transportation in Skyrim make any sense. There should be practical limits to what can be carried on foot, on horseback, and pulled by a horse - without the Fortify Carry Weight attribute to make a complete mockery of that.Whatever mode of transportation, you exceed that you come to pretty much a complete halt until you lighten the load.

    Only thing that should be unlimited is travel by ship, but once it docks you should have to figure out how to get all that payload to where you really intend to go.


    If I had a nickel for every time I walked back from Black-Briar Lodge to Riften with enough Steel Plate Armor to outfit a Heavy Infantry Squad I'd be rich.
  7. Bezerkerz
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    I just came across your Equipping Overhaul and found this due to that. I have to say, I am incredibly sad that it isn't released yet! I'm no good at modding but I will gladly beta test the crap out of this once it's ready for bug testing.

    Also, it's not much to actually get this released sooner, but I'm a videographer by trade so if you need any help editing videos for your mod (not sure if you would do anything like that) I would love to extend the offer as a thanks for your hard work.
  8. seversky
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    Dude, this is the mod I've been waiting for! Seriously, it is. Like when I'm in a dungeon, I go out of my way to limit the amount of loot I pick up because the idea that I can haul around 4 suits of armor while running and hacking things is ludicrous.
    How can I help make this mod a reality? It doesn't sound like you need graphics assets, but I'm a photoshop master and a blender apprentice.
  9. JarlBrogruf
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    can't wait for this mod, DONT GIVE UP!
  10. SomethingCrazy
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    I was thinking of trying to do something VERY similar to this but couldn't figure out how to get started really.
    Anyway I put a lot of thought into this when I was considering it and one problem I ran into was regarding quest items. Where would certain quest items you get go? For example the Dawnbreaker, which automatically gets added your inventory. How would it react to the much more limited space your player character is now given?
    I'd love for a mod like this to become real though. I really hope everything works out and you can manage to make it.