This guide is written for modders who wish to incorporate compatibility with Weapons & Armor Fixes into their mods.

Weapons & Armor Fixes uses an Integrated Compatibility System which makes it easy to create compatibility between different mods without needing to rely on additional patch files or making the mod dependent on WAF. This process is very simple and only takes a few minutes in TES5Edit.

1. Load WAF & your Mod into TES5Edit

2. Go to the keyword category. Select all the keywords in WAF that have the WAF_ prefix. I would suggest also selecting all of the SPIKE keywords, as this will maintain compatibility with Guard Dialogue Overhaul.

3. Then choose Copy as Override Into and select your Mod. You must use Copy as Override in order to preserve the unique FormIDs of the keywords. If your mod did not previously have Update.esm as a master, TES5Edit will ask you to confirm that you wish to add Update.esm as a master. Select 'yes.'

4. Copy across the keywords and any other changes from the weapon & armor records in WAF to your Mod (don’t forget to increase the keyword count in your version appropriately or the CK will crash next time you try to load your Mod into it).

That's all there is to it. No additional requirements or Masterfile dependencies (other than Update.esm) are required. And if users of your mod don't have Weapons & Armor Fixes or Guard Dialogue Overhaul, then those keywords will simply be ignored in their game and won't cause any issue. If they add Weapons & Armor Fixes later on, then the mods will be immediately compatible without the user having to download any additional patch files.

You can also make a separate compatibility patch using the same method. However, the point of Integrated Compatibility is to make it unnecessary to have a bunch of separate compatibility patches, allowing users to cut down on the number of .esp files needed.

An additional note: If you want to ensure that you've also maintained full compatibility with Guard Dialogue Overhaul, then I would recommend also comparing your mod to GDO in TES5Edit, and again following the procedure above. You should already have all of the SPIKE keywords contained in your mod if you've copied them from WAF, but there may be records that your mod uses that conflict with GDO that I didn't change in WAF and therefore weren't included here. Doing this will make your mod fully compatible with GDO using the SPIKE-Virtual Edition system.


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