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    Real Rain with Customization

    Heh kinda a good name now that Im going to start actually working on RLWC 4.0 soon.

    Put a new file up called Real Rain Options that should help enb users out and give everybody more options of rain.

    *fxraindropsA is a tiny bit more opaque than the defaults in the 3 rain mods that are up right now and what i prefer now. it really shows up alot better in screenshots too.

    *fxraindropsB i was on the fence if i wanted to use that myself its just a hair more opaque than A. screenshots are even better.

    *fxraindropsC i would not use this at all personally but might help out ppl that have problems seeing the rain using enbs.

    *fxraindropsD this is a just incase the C version is still too light its the brightest version i would put out and definitely only for Enbs that make raindrops super transparent. Hurts my eyes ;P.

    Anyhow other than that I put instructions with the file and this should straighten out some of the problems users were having seeing the rain w/o having the people that like the current setting try the new ones.

    Also I will not be updating to steam any longer for this mod. Its too much of a hassle and I like the nexus system better.


    Ps plz let me know what your favorite settings are and if your using enbs or not that will help me narrow down which one I will use for RLWC when my turn comes around to install the mod into the most awesome lighting mod ever.

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