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Q: Does this require the latest Skyrim update?

A: Yes.


Q: I have all the DLC installed. So do I install all the 3 main files or only the third file? I'm not sure if the third file is a main mod by itself or it requires the main mod.

A: Each file for the mod is independent of itself. The main Skyrim file does not require the Dawnguard or Dragonborn file, and vice-versa. If you want to only be able to disenchant Dawngaurd items, then only download the Dawnguard file. The same goes for the Skyrim file, and the Dragonborn file.


Q: What's this "No Restrictions" file?

A: It removes the enchanting restrictions (ie: only boots /only armor /only gloves /etc..) so that any of the default enchantments could be placed on any item, regardless of what part of clothing it is.


Q: Why does my shout timer instantly reset?

A: This is most likely because you have 5 or more "Shout Timer Reduction" enchantments on your character.


Q: Help! I cannot disenchant an item on your list!

A: I'll explain this using the nightingale enchantment:
Since the nightingale set not a normal item set, and not normally added to the enchantment list, the only available enchantments on that item would have to be modded if you want it on other equipment.

If you have a mod affecting the the armor or enchantment, it may cause issues with any mod that changes the enchantments of that item, including this one, which may have prevented you from enchanting what you want. This applies for all items in this mod. (see question below)


Q: I can't place one of the enchantments on anything!

A: This is a common issue. Most likely you have another mod overwriting this one. To fix this, all you have to do is move the mod you want to work lower in the load order (lowest overwrites the highest).

Also, The "enchant anything" mod allows you to place any of the NORMAL/Default enchantments on any item.


Q: I get the message "[NPC name here] resisted instant kill". Is the enchantment broken?

A: No. This is a common issue when trying to kill an NPC that is essential to a quest line, or is set to essential for some other reason. Either way, you can't kill an essential NPC without using the console.


Q: If I enchant a knife with the "Mehrunes' Razor" enchantment and something like "stamina leech", will the "Mehrunes Razor" enchantment still require charges?

A: Yes. While the enchantment from "Mehrunes Razor" doesn't use charges, the stamina leech enchantment does. Technically, you will only be recharging the stamina enchantment.

Each enchantment I added into the game will most likely require charges, some less than others, some more. If you spot an enchantment that doesn't use up charges, feel free to let me know in the comments section for this mod.


Q: My part of my body disappeared! What do I do?

A: Unequip then equip your items. This is most likely not an issue with this mod. Mods that change armor meshes or textures can have this issue.


Q: I can't see a description for an enchantment - What's wrong?

A: Simple fix for this is available as an update. Check to make sure it hasn't been reported yet, and make sure you do not have any mods affecting the item. (lowest overwrites highest) Then let me know which enchantment and item it is.


Q: Why doesn't [name of enchantment] do anything?

A: Some enchantments (Aetherial Gifts for example) will NOT work until you have completed the quest-line for them. Make sure you have completed any associated quests before disenchanting an item.


Q: Do all the enchants scale with your enchanting level/perks?

A: Not all, but most.
Basic enchantments will scale (ie: insubstantial, dragon damage)
Daedric enchantments will not. (ie: Molag Bal, Ebony Mail)

There are some exceptions. For example:
Auriel's bow gives the "sun damage" enchantment - it scales.

Overall, I've tried to keep it balanced so that you get the special enchantments, or missing ones, but so that they scale like normal enchantments.


Q: What's with this Zephyr enchantment? And what's this ring that goes with it?

A: For starters, armor enchantments cannot be placed on weapons. I causes the game to crash.
Since the "Enchantment" on Zephyr doesn't actually exist, one had to be created. The result was an armor enchantment. This can ONLY be placed on other armors or apparel; thus, you have the Zephyr ring. Disenchant the ring to get the Zephyr enchantment.

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