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that's my farewell. I've been playing Skyrim since its release until nowadays. Modding the game since 2012, I had great moments here, with wonderful shots from the community, with great mods which improved all the game a lot... everyday when I turned on my PC, I opened Nexus a thousand times by day, reading the boards, seeing those images, following the mods. now, life played a trick on me and I had to sell my PC. don't know if I will ever be able to buy another good rig again to play Skyrim.

"At some point, you will become only a memory in someone's life. May you be a good memory."

Thanks Nexus community for the good memories.

See you

Gabriel Melo


  1. SimClarke
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    good luck for the future Gabriel! Our life is like a ladder, sometimes we go down, sometimes we go up...but don't worry, good things are coming your way, just have faith. We'll see you soon, It's a promise!
  2. rax132
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    It seems we are all slowly parting with this game...