It has been said that the invasion of Tamriel by Mehrunes Dagon some two hundred years ago is something that brought only terror and war to the land...

While this is mostly true, it also brought about a few other things, such as the strange occurance of "discontents" amongst the Dremora forces. Many of these outcasts sought ways to break their shackles of servitude to their master Dagon.

Few ever managed the feat.

Rokin was one, a dangerous Xivilai lord finding his spirit assaulted on it's way back to the waters of Oblivion by other creatures under Mehrunes service after a raid on one of his sigil towers - he was cast out as nothing more more than a shade, a mere ghost.

During a trial of necromantic magic he found himself summoned and bound to the corpse of a recently deceased and very powerful mage. The fusion did not go smoothly however and pain wracked his new body as it changed and twisted it's form to accomodate it's new owner.

When it was over he fled from the ritual before he could be bound into slavery again by the Necromancers of the tower.

Years went by, and he found his way to Skyrim. Settling into an area mostly unused by the locals or wandering adventurers. Tales of the horned wizard spread though, as he found himself fascinated by the power that he had come into possession of. He studied and started to send requests for tomes and books to be delivered to him so he could learn more.

Eventually he felt it was time to visit the towns and settlements, slowly, little by little until they learned not to fear him due to his appearance.

A few places eventually took to him, especially when they found that as well as being a good healer, he was also a strong and loyal friend.

Now war threatens his home, and he must face that part of himself that he buried so far behind.
He sets off for Windhelm, expecting little friendship, but with that hope that the leader of the Stormcloaks will take him as a soldier for the simple reason of his story.

The Necromancers that brought him into the mortal world again, he now knew who they were.
The Thalmor had attempted to bring a powerful Daedric warrior to Skyrim to use as their weapon, and they ended up with something they could not control.

If Ulfric Stormcloak listens, and battle is to be the course, then Rokin the Cleaver must rise again.

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