Hello again, everyone. Just letting you know that I hadn't abandoned Skyrim modding forever. In fact, I recently decided to start making custom weapons, mainly for the Skywind mod.
Sadly, for days I've been trying to get the normal and specular maps to work in Skyrim, but no matter what, they refuse to, even though they show up perfectly when I render them in 3ds max. I did at least figure out how to turn off the annoying specular highlight that made it look like a shiny glass sculpture, lol.

If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong, please let me know. I would be highly thankful!!! This is the file, which I'm currently just using as a simple replacement for the steel warhammer. xD

Cheers! And thanks, guys! Also, I hope you enjoy my quirky little design here. :3

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Uploaded by Arisen1 at 16:28, 31 Jul 2014


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