"You hear that you sadistic freaks, I win!"

It had been nearly three weeks since she had been captured, and in that time there had been numerous "trials" and fights designed to test her, tear her down and break her.

Now it had become clear that the effort hadn't been enough. The reavers had started to worry, and in their panic made a hasty decision to try and take on this warrior themselves, all but the leaders dove into the "arena" they had constructed within the old Dwemer fortress and set about attacking her.

Now they all lay dead, in the midst of the battle she had reclaimed her sword, the Ebony Blade, and feeling the strength flow back into her body she had smiled and laid waste to the gang of wastrels around her.

Looking up at the three shadowed figure remaining on the balcony above her, she narrowed her eyes.

"You three are next..."

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