SKYRIM's been awhile I guess. I've been on a hiatus of sorts, just dealing with real life and working - working a lot. I am still working on Forever Darkness, when I find the interest for it (or patience for the most part.) The constant delays and complications have definitely eroded some of the original inspiration.

That being said, I'm looking into getting a new video card, which I think I desperately need in order to properly test things. My 2GB is just not loving my obsessive need for 4k and 2k everything. I get more CTDs then successful loads and just a lot of general instability. I can't even attempt using mods like ECE and hope to get anything but glitches, crashes, etc.

The new card will be a 4GB behemoth, which will hopefully help with issues due to texture loads - if those are the core issues at all. I sense a completely fresh install to get all this to work once the card is up and fun those installs, so fun.

Anyway, enjoy some recent work on Rai. Custom textures with the new hair style as per usual. :)

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