Thalmor Hate Lentils

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  1. Benbenben
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    • 6,633 posts
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    The Thalmor: A nasty side effect of too many hippy Elves.
    Great see your stuff, sorry it took me so long to slink back to the Skyrim Nexus; I was having trouble running the game so I ran away from it for a while.
  2. eluuene
    • supporter
    • 1,406 posts
    • 26 kudos
    XD *hugs*
  3. Reimar67
    • premium
    • 7,362 posts
    • 180 kudos
    As always - I love reading the comments.
    I do have stuff for ESO NEXUS too... but it is looking like a one man show over there in image share, so trying not to upload too much in one go. If anyone knows of a good spot to upload funnies for ESO can you give me a poke in the right direction please.
  4. DiscipleOfCarnage
    • supporter
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    Nice one; I also despise lentils, so I agree with the Thalmor this one time only ;-)
  5. SydneyB
    • premium
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    Hahaha,Reimar! XD Jacob's trick wouldn't work with the Thalmor, I see XD
  6. aok
    • premium
    • 15,719 posts
    • 151 kudos
    LMAO!! I've never tried them. Hmmm.... wonder if I should trust the Thalmor on this one?
    Great to see you back my friend!
  7. Bushhog
    • premium
    • 637 posts
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    I guess a 'regular' Thalmor is a grumpy Thalmor.... (Ya I went there)
  8. Kamikazekossori
    • member
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    Haha, I see that Thalmor is reacting in their usual unreasonable way to the most simple things, seems one does not want to be a cook for them
  9. frank213
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    • 67,338 posts
    • 699 kudos
    welcome back Reimar
    as all of you absolutely awesome
  10. derek98
    • member
    • 10,972 posts
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    Perhps he's constipated. Should have stuck with the lentils!

    Welcome back!