Here is my clue for Heaventhere's Hide and Seek game.

These are the rules:

All shots need only the words "Hide and Seek" for the title so we know they are part of the game.

I have posted a first shot of Ignis hiding.

Find where Ignis is, take a shot in the same place, pose does not matter.

First person to find her and post a shot in same location is then the next person to hide and post a shot.

Only regular Vanilla Skyrim shots please not every one has the DLC's or downloadable content.

Only one shot the Title shot please, not everyone will or can post more then one shot, lets keep it fair for everyone.

No posts marked as adult lets keep it so every one can play as some people don't use the adult preference.

Don't make it to easy but remember not to make it so hard no one will ever find you either.

Have fun, show off your new armor, you new weapons... be inventive...

Come on and play everyone... it will be fun....

Get to your horses with your maps and compass, try to find this place before everyone else does!!

Find Ignis if you can!!

Please add this text to your post only change it to your char name... so everyone will see the rules and how to play the game .... thank you!!

Attention to make it fair so everyone gets a chance to win and play, the winner has to have a 5 round cool down... so wait 5 rounds and come right back and play again...

ONE MORE THING: If you know the location, tell no one where it is, get there fast and make your shot.

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