Called to the College of Winterhold by Savos Aren to help with a few matters, Atiras is one of the few Telvanni mages to visit the frozen north of Skyrim.

He brings with him a strange view of magic, at least strange to the local Nords. This makes him quite unwelcome. Having spent the last forty years inside a Telvanni research outpost, hidden away from the prying eyes of the world he has become unfamiliar with the outside world.

It shows in his quiet demeanor, but casual use of his magical abilities. Earlier in the day he was found by the lone Thalmor representative in the library, using a spell to turn the pages of a book he was studying while he wrote down notes with one hand, and held his staff in the other.

He paused for a moment when he noticed the Altmer staring at him, and found himself smiling faintly, knowing his flaunting of magic for such a benign activity surely outraged the arrogant mer more than the fact Atiras was also taller than him.

He has simply nodded and then continued his studies after the "High Elf" had stomped off in a huff, all the while unable to remove the grin from his own face. What did not help, was the Orc Librarian commenting that it was about time someone showed up that "yellow snowcone of an elf".

Perhaps Atiras would enjoy his time at the college after all.

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