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Finally completed re-linking all my pictures... And in only 3 weeks.
I decided to keep the thumbnails linked to Nexus, but only for selected pages.
I have kept thumbnail links on the Reimar67 Back Catalogue Pages, AND for the first page of each of the Subjects (Marriage, Orcs, Monsters, etc). For the rest of the pictures, I've removed the thumbnails, but linked back to the first page of that Subject. (Hope this makes sense).
It was really disappointing to have to do this (given the time that went into creating them all), but with the repeated changes in Nexus I was losing the will to live each time I had to change them all.
Now at least, I should only have to change about 100 pages if the problem reoccurs (fingers crossed it will not).
Let me know what you think, and please let me know if you come across any broken links that I have missed.

Your SUPPORT and COMMENTS are always appreciated.
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