>:3 hope you like this one, I now have a sort of background for her, her name is Briana Anvilhart.
She was born to a blacksmith family, in a small village near Whiterun.
She lost her mother when she was only 4 years old, from bandits attack.
Till now she lived with her father and helped him with his work,
a simple hard working girl.

Her father wants a better life for her so he gives her some money and sends her on her way to
the city of Solitude.


Is it even possible to make a custom follower with face that were edited via RaceMenu mod?
As if I find anyone who would like to help, can make a follower out of her,
she would have high blacksmith skill and will be able to create armors and weapons for the player
or something like this..

well just a thought..

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