SORRY! I know I have not been putting much on recently, but there is a reason for that...
As you can see, Nexus have changed the BBCode address again... and so I am afraid all my beautiful thumbnails are once again broken. So I have been waiting to see if Nexus will put this right (as sometimes it is only a temporary change).
Unfortunately, every time they do this, I have to go and amend the BBCode on all of my images (well over 1000) for every thumbnail address. As you can imagine, this is not the most exciting 2 weeks of my life each time they do this.
My dilemma is that when I started in image share, Nexus rarely made such changes, and because I had only a few hundred images, it didn't take me long to sort it out.
Now however, the changes are much more regular and I have currently 1046 images just in normal image share.
I've been chatting to Nexus Staff and it seems there is certainly no guarantee that the BBCode address will not change in the future. So from my point of view, the commitment in keeping so many thumbnail current is only going to get worse.

I am open to suggestions here, but I really can not afford the time to keep linking to my back catalogue the way I have done so far.
One suggestion was to link to thumbnails uploaded to a separate site (like Flikr etc). Not a bad idea if I had done this from the start, but doing this for a 1000+ images now would take me forever. Besides, I don't really want to start dragging people away from Nexus.
Another idea was to change all the links to Text Only, but again this would take a lot of work.
The best way I can see forward is to only update the links in my Back Catalogue Pages (which I do every 100 images), and perhaps also the lead image of the Subject Categories (Where I say... If you want to see more Monster Jokes Click HERE). If I took this route, then I'd still need to amend about 100 pages, but should only take me a couple of nights.

What do you think? I am open to suggestions.

Finally completed re-linking all my pictures... And in only 3 weeks.
I decided to keep the thumbnails linked to Nexus, but only for selected pages.
I have kept thumbnail links on the Reimar67 Back Catalogue Pages, AND for the first page of each of the Subjects (Marriage, Orcs, Monsters, etc). For the rest of the pictures, I've removed the thumbnails, but linked back to the first page of that Subject. (Hope this makes sense).
It was really disappointing to have to do this (given the time that went into creating them all), but with the repeated changes in Nexus I was losing the will to live each time I had to change them all.
Now at least, I should only have to change about 100 pages if the problem reoccurs (fingers crossed it will not).
Let me know what you think, and please let me know if you come across any broken links that I have missed.

Your SUPPORT and COMMENTS are always appreciated.
To browse older work in the order they were uploaded, use Reimar67s Back Catalogue Upload Index
Alternatively, to browse older work by subject you can use Reimar67s Back Catalogue Categories

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