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Some of you may recall that I did a series of spoof Top Trumps card for Skyrim, and then on the back of that I worked with MapleVolt to create a Printable PDF for the Cards. Shortly afterwards IceBurg made an In Game Card Collection mod. Both recourses were great, but unfortunately they were quickly taken off Nexus due to trademark infringment concerns.
We needed to Re-Brand the cards and we asked you guys for alternative names for the Card Collection.
And so Sheagoraths WabbaPack was born (thanks to Blood_Reaper).

I'm please to tell you that the Re-Branded Card Collection is once again available...
Sheogorath's WabbaPack - The Print Your Own Pack PDF... is again ready for your scrutiny.
Sheagoraths WabbaPack - The In Game Card Mod... is COMING SOON

Your SUPPORT and COMMENTS are always appreciated.
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