I should have known they would try and track me down...

..after all, I know far too much to just "up and disappear" on the Legion. They couldn't risk me siding with someone else. Or worse, fighting for myself.

Well, now they've found me and made a move. An obvious and stupid one admittedly, but it's still wasted time I could use tracking down leads or information. No, I have to be here now, being attacked by people I once called my fellow warriors.

It has led to one conclusion though, and it's something I should have realized a long time ago.
As I cut them down, and fill this hall with bodies to fuel the inferno raging around us - I realize I am not one of them, I never have been.

I'm something else.

A creature of death, with blade and magic my tools of trade. They feared me enough to send an entire regiment after me. My base of operations lies in ruins, my work so far destroyed, but still I have the advantage.

I am alive and I still have the artifacts I have gathered so far. The legion and spymasters worry and fret over the thoughts of what might happen if I turned on them. Cower at the idea I might turn their training and the powers I seek against them.

Now they have forced my hand, and I have done just that.

I leave one alive. He is wounded, half blind and choked on the smoke from the fire. I tell him to inform his commanders that I am coming for their heads...

...and they shall know fear before the end.

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